Simple and Acute Sixteen-pointed Window Star tutorial


Hi! As anyone who has visited this space will know, my daughters and I love making window star transparencies. We only started making them a couple of years ago and were quite happy with the eight pointed star for a while, but this year we felt like broadening our repertoire 😉 so whilst on holiday we made simple sixteen pointed window stars and a couple of acute sixteen pointed window stars and we love them!


So I thought I would share a simple tutorial on how we made them. We use kite paper, which is robust transparent paper that lends itself beautifully to the precise folding, The sheets we use come in 16cm x 16cm squares.

To save on paper ( because we prize this paper 🙂 ), we often make small stars, which we find perfectly lovely: We cut the paper in four and then halve it again to create rectangles of 4cm x 2cm. To make larger stars, you can just divide the sheets in half, so the rectangles are 16cm x 8cm

Or if you are using large sheets of transparent paper, cut them into rectangles, making sure the long side is twice as long as the short side.

Simple Sixteen pointed star


1. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise.


 2. Open the piece up and fold the four corners to meet the centre line as shown.




3. Make a second fold towards the middle line on all four sides.



4. Place some glue on one of the right side bottom corners and stick another piece onto it, laying it along the fold line in the middle and ensuring that the end points meet.  (see below).




5. Continue this process until the very last piece. This bit is a little fiddly: apply glue to the bottom right side of the piece you are inserting and the bottom right side of the piece to which it will be stuck.

6. Insert the piece carefully; slipping it under one piece and over the other, as shown below.


(the photos I took fot this step weren’t too clear, so I am using the acute pointed star photos instead as they are clearer). 

Acute Sixteen pointed Window Star


The first three steps are done as above, but there is one further fold.

After completing Step 3, fold only two of the corners towards the middle line,  making one end more acute, as seen below




As with the simple star, place glue on the right hand bottom side, where the piece is less acute. The acute part will be on the outside of the star.



The glueing is the same as with simple pointed star, including the final step.



And that’s it really. Very simple and so gorgeous, cheering up our windows on our holiday and during the monochrome winter months.


I hope you too can experience the joy of Window Stars for yourself 🙂


6 thoughts on “Simple and Acute Sixteen-pointed Window Star tutorial

    • Hi Chiara!! So lovely to hear from you. We are fine. I haven’t blogged in a year and I don’t think I will for a little while. My girls are now 10 and 13 and I am studying, so there is more going on in their and my lives outside the home. We still craft when we have time and in the holidays. I now have an instagram account to keep up with some connections and to share bits and pieces now and then. What about your blog? How are your family doing? Are you still home educating? I hope all is well with you. Maybe see you on instagram? It’s less writing, but also less depth…but all i have time for right now..little bites, but less satisfaction 😉 but better than nothing!


      • HI!!! so nice to hear from you 🙂
        No, I stopped blogging too, but I always hope I will find time to go back to it.
        We are all fine and yes, we are still homeschooling, grade 4, 2 and last year of kindy.
        I do have an instagram account, only to follow few people. But I do go there very seldom. Will you like to share your account? And yes, I understand, better than nothing.
        Wishing you all the best in your path.


      • So sorry for my late reply. My instagram is the same name amothershares. Would be lovely to see you there. I am thinking of blogging a bit now that we are all at home..let’s see. Life is still busy. I hope you are all well and staying safe. Take care, Anna


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