It was my husband’s 50th Birthday last week. We decorated the Birthday table as we always do and made every attempt to spoil Daddy with flowers and presents to make his day special.


The girls each made Daddy a present in the couple of nights beforehand, whilst I read them a bedtime story. We are currently reading Little Farm in the Ozarks which we are loving. It is about the childhood of Rose Wilder, the daughter of Laura Ingalls and Almanzo Wilder. We can’t get enough of these books. Thank goodness there are so many!


An appliqued bookmark and a ‘Happy Birthday’ picture to use again and again

Unfortunately it rained the entire Birthday, so we couldn’t go for any nice long walks. Instead, we went out for a lovely lunch and it was so good to spend time together. In the evening there was cake. It wasn’t a great success and I had to do some errr “glueing” but the cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and strawberries came to the rescue:-) A little rustic, but it tasted fine.

I hope my husband felt we made his day special. My youngest daughter even contributed some of her own money (she doesn’t have much as we don’t give pocket money) to buy him some delicious truffles as Daddy loves them so much 🙂


We continued the celebrations over the weekend with a party on Sunday, but before this my husband and daughters took part in our City’s annual Children’s Parade on Saturday. Each school was allocated a painting to interpret into costume. I didn’t see the painting, but I believe it was Indian inspired. The girls dressed as Indian-style bulls in oranges and reds. There was drumming and all the children had a hand held instrument.




My daughters made their own heads, with some guidance from one of the very talented mothers at the school. I think they came out beautifully.



There were also yellow birds, mermaids and peacocks and of course the most amazing main structure. How to envisage creating these structures out of willow, just baffles me. I am so impressed by the creatives who can do this.


After the parade, both daughters had a friend each over for a play and sleepover.


My, how grown up they all look in this picture….

There was a circus just up the road, with special deals, so I decided to treat the girls to another trip. We are always amazed by the circus performers – the feats that they can do blow our minds and inspire us! Nothing beats live performances 🙂

Afterwards, the girls spent some time practising various feats on the swing set, blowing bubbles and doing quick changes like the acts we saw, as well as spraying the audience!

Later they decided to make each other presents in secret. The older girls started it, by making little friendship necklaces for themselves and the other two,


and then they all decided to surprise each other with more presents. It was very sweet and they were all very motivated. Unfortunately the laminator became temperamental so some of their work got rather scrunched up 😦 Here is a small selection…


The next day, it was time to prepare for my husband’s party that afternoon. We had fun decorating the house and garden for the party. My daughters helped to make long swathes of paper chains to decorate our family room (in case it rained, we were determined to have a party atmosphere inside!)



Luckily the sun shone for us all weekend, so we could spend time outside and enjoy the garden, celebrating my husband’s 50 years on the Earth.



One of my husband’s friends is a singer and my husband loves to sing, so they both sang a few Frank Sinatra numbers using a microphone. It was all very civilised and I think the neighbours enjoyed themselves too! 😉 The children decided to climb on the roof at this point! It almost felt like we were at a festival!! 🙂




It was “bring a dish” sort of party and I organised for friends to help with the food, drinks and bbq so my husband could really relax. The food was amazing and there was so much goodwill, it was lovely.


   I was a bit late taking this photo! ….


One of our friends kindly made the cake, as I didn’t want to chance it after my struggles with cake making earlier in the week! 😦 The children did the decorating 🙂


We had some friends stay over and enjoyed a lovely sunny day with them on Bank Holiday Monday; eating all the delicious left over food – it was still a feast! Millie was in her element all weekend, with all the socialising and friends 🙂 She was exhausted  by the end of the weekend. Here she is cuddling up with my youngest daughter’s latest knitted creation from school 🙂 So sweet.


It was such an enjoyable, sociable, fun weekend. Now for a nice quiet week. Inbreaths and outbreaths – this is where we find our balance.












9 thoughts on “Celebrating…

  1. Happy belated birthday to your husband!
    I hope everything is well with all of you 🙂
    Quite interestingly I found your last blog post as a article shared on FB, a nice surprise!
    Keep well, and hopefully I will be back here more regularly.


    • Ah so lovely to hear from you Chiara! Yes have been sharing the article in parts- as so long! in an effort to attract new parents to our open day this weekend and just generally to spread the word why Waldorf education is great 🙂It works for us. I wonder if we might have a friend of a friend in common? I think I only shared it with friends and people at school but then it was shared on that way. Funny! Small world 🙂Hope you are keeping well. Life is so full right now, there is no time to sit down and record it! I will be back though! ❤️

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