Winter takes another flight and we take the leap….


Once again, I didn’t manage to carve out any time for writing in the past couple of weeks. At the beginning of the year, I was full of ideas about blog posts I wanted to write and I promised myself that I would finally finish my last two travel posts  (yes, I do still plan to write them!), but thusfar none of this has materialised. 😦 It is just the way life has panned out this year….

We are slowly recovering from another bout of coughs and colds. The bugs are tending to linger on rather this year. I had hoped that the very cold spell we had would have killed all the bugs off, but they seem very persistent. My eldest still has a fever on and off, poor love.


After enjoying some wonderfully warm spring days and feeling spring energy stirring within us, winter has taken another flight. It has been snowing over the past couple of days and is still bitterly cold. We even made a little snow lady, Erica 🙂


My eldest reminded me that it was sunny on Candlemas (Groundhog) day, so it’s not really surprising! 🙂


The snow hasn’t been deep, but it’s been compact enough to go sledging a couple of times. The Friday before last, my eldest and I went to the local park with our sledge after school on the off chance that the conditions would be suitable and luckily we were pleasantly surpised. We have a nice wooden German sledge that hasn’t seen much use, so it was a pleasure to take it out for a spin. 🙂 There were only a couple of families out as it was dinner time and getting dark, so by the time we left, we had the slope to ourselves. It was great to do something fun with my eldest, just the two of us. Lately we have rarely had the opportunity and I know it benefits us both.


The week before last was quite eventful:

On Friday, we celebrated our wedding anniversary – 18 years – my, how did that happen?! Although we were both full of cold, we spent a lovely day together; looking at campervans :-), eating (tasty spicy foods), drinking (shots of lemon and ginger – very potent!) and mooching around town. It was just so nice to talk and be together. We haven’t managed to keep up our fortnightly dates for a while due to illness and other circumstances, so it was precious time spent together. We are hoping to get back on track with our dates as it is important to have fun together.

On Sunday, it was Mother’s Day. None of us was feeling ‘on form’, but my husband and daughters still made an effort to spoil me; with cards and a couple of sweet presents. I was very touched.


I love my new cheery teapot for loose leaf tea and my new cup with its rounded sides – so wonderful to cradle in my hands. 🙂


My youngest made me this heart at school : she sanded the wood, hammered in the small nails and wove her chosen thread colours around the heart. A labour of love 🙂 My eldest has yet to finish her gift she says.

Speaking of an eventful week, on Saturday, we picked up our new puppy Millie!


We have discussed at length over the years whether a dog would fit in our life or not and after much debate and discussion, we decided it was now or never. Our daughters are old enough now to be involved and help with a puppy and still have many more years at home to enjoy with her.  We made it one of our New Year’s Resolutions! Funnily enough, we have since discovered it is the Chinese “Year of the Dog”, so it feels even more apt that this is the year we took the leap! 🙂

We picked her out from her litter the Saturday before and the girls spent the week busily preparing for her arrival!


She is a Cavapoo; a mix between a miniature poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. We did a lot of research before reaching a decision, because we wanted to be sure we found a compatible dog for our guinea pigs; without a prey instinct and a dog that didn’t need excessive amounts of exercise and was easy to train!


She is nearly 11 week and is a real sweetheart. We are smitten! The first few days, she slept a lot and didn’t eat much. We think she was missing her family of origin, but she is much more active and playful now. Unfortunately she had an upset tummy the whole week, so I took her to the vet on Friday to be checked out. He gave her an antibiotic injection and some probiotic medicine and we hope to see some improvement soon. She found visiting the vet thrilling; meeting other dogs and being doted on by animal lovers. Everyone commented on her sweet temperament, for which we are most grateful.


When we go out, we have been carrying her in my big knitting basket or in a baby sling as she is still too young to be put on the ground outside. She has been enjoying the view and being close.


She has also travelled on the buses, been cuddled and doted on by numerous children at the school gates and even enjoyed a quick trip to the supermarket the other day, when our cupboards were bare!


I have been trying to study inbetween attending to her. Luckily Millie still enjoys frequent naps!


She will nap wherever she finds a cosy body! 🙂


It had been so cold, we had to invest in a little jacket for her, as she is going to work with my husband three days a week and he works outdoors. The girls tried some dolly jumpers on her too, which are still rather large! At that point I started to fantasise about the jumpers I could knit for her next winter (hee hee!)


She has even had her first taste of snow and seemed unphased by it.


I hope I haven’t gone overboard with the photos! I have really noticed how even the (seemily) hardest characters seem to soften when they meet a puppy. It is a real leveller and in so a real gift.


In other news, my eldest, who is in the Fifth Grade of a Waldorf (Steiner) school, finished a Geography project on The Lake District. Each child had to choose a region of England to write a detailed project on. Their project needed to be beautifully illustrated and they had to design a poster and construct a model of the area. My daughter made a papier mache model with my husband.


They presented the project to their class and once again, individually, to the parents  one evening last week. We spent 7 minutes talking with each child about their chosen project and sampling food from the area, that the children had brought in. My daughter made some Grasmere Gingerbread, with crystallized ginger and brought in some Kendal Mint Cake to share. It was a really fun evening and all the children talked confidently about their subject.


I really appreciate how my sensitive children are building their confidence in this setting and how Steiner education encourages the children to be supportive of each other’s work. I was petrified of presenting anything as a child and still am, even as an adult (!), but my daughter took it in her stride and was more than happy to talk to the parents in this intimate, relaxed atmosphere. It was so lovely to see and it feels good to know she is in the right place.

And now we know so much about the region, we really must try to visit at some point this year – maybe with our campervan-to-be?! 😉

And last, but not least, my youngest finished her third knitting project: a little kitty 🙂


And that’s the round up for the past couple of weeks. As for me, I am currently  making a couple of simple monk’s outfits and adjusting a Greek dress for both my daughters’ plays next week.

I haven’t been making much for pleasure, but I am planning to get back on track as I am feeling like creativity is rather missing from my life right now and things don’t feel in balance in that way.


I hope you are finding plenty of time for creativity and are keeping well and warm!

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10 thoughts on “Winter takes another flight and we take the leap….

  1. Millie looks so sweet! What a cuddly friend and it sounds like you were so thoughtful in your choice. ❤ I guess the snow is making up for last year? We have had snow again, too. I wish you a happy and healthy Spring!


    • Thank you dear Brandy! Yes the snow was an unexpected bonus although spring really needs to come now! It’s unsettling for us Brits to have snow in the spring! 😂Thanks for the comments about Millie. I had a nice cuddle with her this morning in bed after she woke up at 5.30. I am not an early riser so was glad she was happy to nap with me 🙂


  2. Ohhh my GOODNESS. THat little pup! That face!! We have a cavalier and he is the sweetest thing…he thinks he’s the family baby (he’s snoozing in my spot in the bed right now!) you’ll have a loyal friend forever in that little one. Nice to meet you here! Im trying to get back to blogs— they’re so much nicer than regular social media these days. going around to say ‘hello!’


    • Hi Heather! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment. I love Cavaliers but my husband wasn’t as keen so this was our compromise. She is gorgeous, thank you! I agree about blogs. I much prefer them to instagram and Facebook but then I am an old fashioned, letter writing gal at heart 🙂❤️


  3. Ohhh…Millie. The Dog. Oh, The Dog… THE DOG!!!
    I know there were other things in this fabulous post, but it’s the dog which jumped out of the page and it’s all I could focus on. I’ve viewed your puppy photos – aw, must be 5 times, each time almost drooling over that little dot. Bless her little heart.

    Congratulations on growing your family by four feet. My you have years of fun and love shared together.

    PS … love the drawings, the little yellow woollen cat and the hyacinths. Adore the wee snowman, and the shopping accompanied by the dog in a bag, And … think the hearts made by your daughters are just incredible. Well done Girls!

    Now then … back to the dog. Her name fits her perfectly. Many congratulations on her arrival.
    Sending squidges ~ Cobs. x


    • Ah thanks for your lovely gushing message. It made me smile. Glad I brought some joy into your world with the photos. I take it you are a dog lover! 😀🐶Yes she is a real sweetheart and super cuddly. We love the Milly Molly Mandy stories so we thought Millie was a cute name. I am sure I will be posting some more photos in the future but who can resist a puppy! Thanks so much for all your lovely encouraging comments and for taking the time to write.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on the new edition, my friend has a cavapoo, she is such a lovely dog, beautiful temperament etc, so good choice, its one of the breeds my children have listed as a possible dog for us, that is their hope anyway 🙂 We are still coughing here, it is getting rather annoying, hope you are all back to 100% fitness soon xx


    • Thanks Helen. Yes they are lovely dogs. The children wish she would chase a ball more, but her mouth is still so tiny!! So sorry to hear you are still unwell. My youngest has another sore throat now too!!! It just seems to go round and round and round…Sob! We had a lovely spring day yesterday, but it is damp and dismal today. Hope it’s better for the Easter weekend!


  5. I hope good health has returned to you all! I really enjoyed this post – so many sweet things to share. Congratulations on sweet little Millie – it looks like she will be a nice addition to your family. My husband and I will be celebrating our 18th anniversary this summer – where did the time go? 🙂 I love seeing your daughters’ school projects. They are doing amazing work! Happy (belated) Mother’s Day to you! Your kitchen table decorated with handmade cards looks so cheerful!


    • Lovely to hear from you Stacey. Thanks so much for your lovely kind words and encouragement. Getting married in 2000 was a good idea for remembering how long we have been married for, wasn’t it 🙂 Yes indeed 18 years…hardly believable really, yet it is…was there ever life before children?! 😉 Hope you are keeping well too. The sun is shining here today at last. Hurrrah!


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