Knitting and recovery


It has been a funny couple of weeks for us here; with illnesses, a car crash and my computer being hacked 😦 My daughters are back at school now, but I am still feeling really weak and depleted, despite dosing myself up on lots of goodness.

My youngest daughter was the first to get sick, with a high temperature, tummy aches and headaches a couple of weeks ago. She was off school for a week; resting, watching favourite films and a spot of knitting once she felt a bit better.


A dear friend of ours is due a ‘surprise’ baby in March and she has asked if friends would like to contribute a knitted or crocheted square (or two) towards the baby’s blanket. We love our friend and her family very much, so my daughters were very keen to knit a couple of squares each. 🙂


I also knitted a couple of squares, so we have a quite a selection of squares to add to the blanket. All that love! 🙂 I was looking for a heart design pattern to copy for mine, but couldn’t seem to track any down, so made it up myself using seed stitch. They are a bit quirky, but hopefully the heart stands out a bit!?


I have also asked around in our friendship circle for other offerings and the squares are all so different,  but I think my friend plans to crotchet them together using white/cream yarn so it should all come together nicely. There will be so much love in that blanket to wrap her baby girl in. 🙂

Before I became unwell, I knitted all the pieces for a teddy, for my friends baby, like the teddies I knitted my own girls for Christmas.  I will wait until I feel better to sew them up, to make sure I do the teddy justice!


Apart from knitting and helping to gather squares from other friends and ourselves towards the blanket, I am also making my friend a “birthing” anklet.


These were mine 🙂

I think I found the idea in a book whilst pregnant with my eldest and just loved it. Basically, I asked all my friends, near and far, to contribute a bead (or two) towards the anklet and I threaded the  beads onto wire or cotton and wore it whilst in labour. I made one for each of my daughter’s births and it was so strengthening to know that all my lovely women friends were with me. So I wanted to do the same for my friend. I have asked the friends we have in common and she is also gathering a few from other friends and her daughters too (who are 13 and 11), so we should have a lovely collection soon. Here are some of the beads so far.


My eldest pointed out that the long shell looked rather like an angel’s wing 🙂

Anyway, back to our two week saga…. 😉 On the Friday before last, I was driving my eldest to school, when we were involved in a car crash. A car came out from a side road as we were driving along and crashed straight into the two side doors, spinning our car around with the impact. 😦 Luckily, neither of us was driving at great speed, but it was a shock for us nonetheless and we didn’t end up going  to school that day. Instead we went to a cafe to recover and drink sweet tea. The car will go into the repair shop tomorrow. It looks quite a state. But we were uninjured, apart from a few aches and pains, so that’s all that matters really.

I think the shock of the accident brought on the virus in my eldest daughter and I, because we were soon feeling unwell. My daughter had very similar symptoms to her sister, whereas I started with a cold. I still had lectures to attend so soldiered on through them, but feel I probably overdid it,  as a week later, I am still feeling  weak and unable to concentrate on my studies. Instead, I find myself sitting on the sofa, watching lecture videos and doing some mindless knitting.


Knitting has been the order of the day in the past week it seems. I saw this fab hat pattern at the Crafting On Link up last week and loved the way it looked. Luckily I had the perfect pink yarn on hand, so in a few hours, the job was done. Very gratifying 🙂 It used just under one 50g skein of yarn and is really cosy. I gave my youngest the Wurm hat I was making in pink and purple, so I am pleased to have my own pink hat at last 🙂 I don’t have any photos of me in it as I am not up to taking photos right now!


I also continued work on the scrap blanket that I started some time ago. It has doubled in size, just by me sitting watching my lecture videos and is now nice and cosy over my knees as I knit 🙂


It is nearly wide enough for me to have it as a blanket if I use it lengthwise, so I may decide to do that, so it is finished sooner rather than later, but on the other hand, it is making a nice soothing project, so perhaps I will leave it in the basket for another time when I can’t concentrate on anything else. It feels good to have something to show for my time, I must say!

My husband kindly brought some daffodils back home to cheer us up, which of course they did. These small thoughtful gestures mean a lot.


I am not a very good patient, thinking that I am letting people down, but when I do try to help out, I end up dropping things or making mistakes. Ho hum…clearly I need to be more patient!  Of course, this too shall pass….

In the meantime, whilst sitting on the sofa, I can enjoy the twinkling lights of our Nature table 🙂



I shall stop now as I feel exhausted, but it was lovely to spend a little time with you 🙂

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