“Snow Bears” – a quick iplayer recommendation for you- expires very soon!


If you are looking for something cosy and wintry to watch with your children today, I recommend the BBC Documentary Snow Bears. It’s on iplayer until 3rd February. We watched it over the Christmas break and I planned to share it here, but totally forgot to because of going away. I assumed it had finished broadcasting, but we just had a look as my youngest is ill and she requested it and amazingly it’s still being broadcast! Hurrah!

The documentary follows the journey of a polar bear mother and her two cubs as they go on a long journey to find food. There are various hindrances, such as the attentions of a rather large male bear and an avalanche, but the bears manage to stay together throughout. It is lovely to see their close relationship and the mother’s deep love and protection of her young cubs and such a privilege to be able to follow their progress over the weeks/months this was filmed in. This film is beautifully filmed and edited with not too many gorey bits (my daughters were grateful for this!) It really is a visual treat and i highly recommend it if you have a spare hour to cosy up in today. 🙂

4 thoughts on ““Snow Bears” – a quick iplayer recommendation for you- expires very soon!

  1. Oh, this looks wonderful! I so wish we could watch it (the BBC website won’t let me because I’m in America). I will file this away for something to try to find later – I know my children would just love it. 🙂


    • Oh what a pity. I didn’t think of that when recommending it. My friends in the States watch iplayer all the time but I guess they must pay for the privilege ? Hopefully they will show it elsewhere as is so gorgeous.


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