Short but sweet..


We had a lovely cosy home day on Sunday, with our daughters playing happily and imaginatively for much of the day.


On Sunday mornings, I traditionally enjoy a lie in – if I am lucky! πŸ™‚ (my husband has his on Saturday mornings) and our daughters appreciate the opportunity to spend time with Daddy; colouring in his funny pictures and drawing their own.


They decided on the theme of “Under the Sea” and drew mermaids (good and evil!), fish, sharks, treasure chests and an underwater castle with windows to open! πŸ™‚



By the time I had woken up, they were in the process of cutting out their characters,Β and sticking them onto short skewers with sticky tape, so they could be used for an impromptu “puppet” show! They haven’t staged a puppet show for us in a long time, so it was a nice surprise!

My eldest covered the playframe with blue/green coloured cloths and they each took it in turns to stage a little show for us.


The storyteller πŸ™‚

There were little mermaids peeking out of the windows in the castle below, but I wasn’t allowed to take photos at the time. So sweet!


My eldest did sound effects for her sister, which brought the show to life. Here are a few of the instruments in question!


Our Schleich animals were also recruited for a jungle themed show πŸ™‚


It was so lovely to see the girls enjoy their playspace and to experience them being imaginative and creative. They tend to play in private nowadays, so it was a real privilege to be party to their imaginative play on this occasion.

I do so appreciate these times; when things go smoothly and we spend warm and happy times together.

Our Schleich animals continued to have a great time for the rest of the day πŸ™‚




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