Winter books for children

I thought I would share these again 🙂



I promised I would share our winter books with you, so here I am finally with a selection of our favourites. As I have mentioned before herehere and here, we love books and love to escape into a beautiful picture book. Our favourite picture books need to be beautifully illustrated, with a wholesome, heart warming story. My daughters particularly like stories about animal friendships and we seem to have a plentiful selection of these amongst our winter selection! The winter books are amongst my favourite of all the seasonal books we have. Perhaps because it is a time when we sit down to read more, or perhaps there is just more sparkle in these books?


I will once again group the books a little as we have collected quite a few over the years.

Board books for young children:

Winter – Gerda Muller – a simple book…

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2 thoughts on “Winter books for children

    • Oh we do love our winter books. Yes that’s so true. I love winter for that too. We have a lot to gain from the quiet introspective mood that winter creates. And of course there is the sparkle of frost and snow and the glow of fire- and candlelight that create a magical feeling, a cosy, homely, warm glow. 🙂


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