Christmas books for children



As I have mentioned in previous posts, we love books here. We find great comfort in time reading together and love to escape into the wonderful world of a beautifully crafted book. We have a quite a selection of Advent and Christmas books for children ; some we purchased after enjoying them from the library; some we found in charity shops and some we were given. The illustrations are so important to me; that they be beautiful and wholesome. Occasionally a book is such fun, that I let that go, but I do so prefer a picture book with wonderful cosy illustrations.

I will share the titles here, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to go into great detail about them right now.  More can be found in the reviews that you will find with the link. ( I do not have any affiliate links, but I find amazon…

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2 thoughts on “Christmas books for children

  1. I have just spent the last couple of days collecting up all our Christmas/winter stories for our book basket, there is something really special about snuggling up with your children reading the magical stories of Christmas. Have you seen the Belle and Boo books, L loves them, maybe a bit young for girls now but lovely stories and illustrations.


    • Yes special times 🙂I just love it- nothing better than escaping into a warm book in the cold months. No I don’t know those books but do know the illustrations and they are gorgeous. Will have a look. Thanks for the tip! Enjoy your cosy reading.


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