New friends…


We have had a few changes around here in the past weeks. Firstly, one of our sweet guinea pigs “Bubble” died suddenly two days before my eldest daughter’s Birthday (he of the wonderful flowing hair on the left hand side of the photo). We had planned to take the guinea pigs into the house on Sunday but on Saturday night there were a lot of fireworks (we celebrate Guy Fawkes night here in the UK around the 5th November, with fireworks, bonfires and processions in some towns) and we can only imagine Bubble died of a heart attack after a loud bang 😦 Guinea pigs are so sensitive with weak hearts. 😦 We were so sad to lose him and so regretful that we had not brought the guinea pigs in earlier. This autumn has been so mild, there was no need to bring them in sooner (we usually bring them in mid-October) but we forgot to consider that folks could have firework displays in the week before the 5th. 😦

We had a little ceremony to commemorate our little friend and my youngest, whose pet he was, drew on his “gravestone”. Both my daughters made sure he had all his favourite foods in with him – sweet girls.


He is now carefully tucked away under our angel where he will not be disturbed.


We had heard that guinea pigs are sociable animals and can get very lonely, so we felt we needed to find “Pipkin” another friend. We went to the pet shop later that day (in the midst of birthday/party preparations…) and were advised that male guinea pigs don’t always take well to other younger males. They suggested we have two young ones so if ‘Pipkin’ decided he preferred to be alone, then they would have each other.

So, without further ado, meet our new friends ‘Pumpkin’ and ‘Cappuccino’ 🙂


They are Texels and will have long soft curly hair. They are so soft and sweet. My daughters fell in love at first sight!


We were told not to handle our new friends for the first day and to keep them in a separate cage from ‘Pipkin’, but after a couple of days of cuddles – they are soooo sweet and still small – it was time to introduce them to ‘Pipkin’ on neutral ground.


So we built a play pen area for them in our family room and they slowly started to socialise. By the end of the first day they were eating from the same bowl
and not long after they were cosied up in the same tunnel.


The little ones are always climbing over the much larger ‘Pipkin’, but he tolerates it well. Bubble was the dominant guinea pig so he is used to being climbed on! We put them in the same (two storey) cage at the weekend and they are doing really well. Phew!


We still feel sadness at Bubble’s demise, but these sweet little ones have brought us much joy already.

Apart from our new friends, my husband has been working in the garden again as he had some time in between jobs.




He has laid a new lawn and reshaped it so we have plenty of space for lots of lovely perennials and grasses. I love the shape of it. It feels so relaxing to look out to the garden now, after feeling rather haphazard for a long time. I feel so grateful that my husband is so clever and talented! 🙂

The view from our seating area to the pond is also lovely and relaxing – it will be even better once the plants are growing!! There are some spring bulbs to look forward to too 🙂 At the moment none of us are allowed to step on the lawn for three weeks, so there will be no trips up to the veg patch (most of the beds are ‘resting’ now anyway, except for some leeks, chard and parsley) or to the play house, but as the nights draw in, we find ourselves inside more so it is easier to be patient 🙂

6 thoughts on “New friends…

  1. I am so sorry to hear about Bubble. Guinea pigs are such dear creatures. We had a longhair called Elsie when we lived in Montana. She passed away, too, and it was difficult. I’m so glad you found some sweet new friends for Pipkin. Your garden is so lovely! I can imagine what it will look like when it all fills out!


    • Ah thanks so much Stacey for your kind words. So sweet of you to leave a message. We do so love guinea pigs here, but their lives feel so precarious at times. Yes I am really looking forward to seeing the garden fill out next year! 🙂


    • Thanks Helen! We haven’t been out in the garden for a while except to feed the chickens as we are still waiting for the lawn to knit itself into the ground. I am looking forward to the freedom once it does! Thanks for your wishes re Bubble. The new guinea pigs are really settled in now and everyone is happy. hurrah!


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