Matching Girl’s and Doll’s strip-pieced patchwork skirt tutorial


As promised here is a tutorial on how to make a simple strip-pieced patchwork skirt (suitable for age 7 – 12 years approx) and a matching skirt for an 18 inch Waldorf doll (Build a Bear or similar)


  • Cutting mat and ruler (you can also cut and tear of course)
  • 50cm length of four different coordinating materials (preferably non directional)
  • 2cm wide elastic (1cm wide for doll). Quantity depends on waistband measurements.
  • matching thread
  1. Cut each of your materials into four 12 cm wide strips ( 6cm width strips for the doll) either using a cutting mat or cut and tear as I often do. In that case press the material nice and flat afterwards with an iron.
  2. Then cut each piece to 50cm length (22cm length for the doll) or your desired length for your individual child depending on height and preference.










3.  Arrange the pieces in the order you would like to sew them, to get the best effect.










4. Pin the pieces together along the length.










5. Sew a 1cm seam along the length of all the pieces including the final two to complete the circle.








6. Use zig zag stitch to neaten all the edges.










7. Press the seams flat to the side in the same direction all the way round.










8. Next to make the hem, turn over the top edge by 1cm and press with an iron.










9. Turn the top over again by 1 1/2cm. Press and pin to keep it in place.










9. Sew the hem using edgestitch (straight stitch near the edge as shown).










10. Next to make the waistband, turn the top edge over by 1cm, press and then turn it over again by 3cm (2cm for the doll),  press and pin in place. Edgestitch as before, leaving a 2cm gap to insert the elastic.


















11. Measure the waist of your child (or doll) and cut the elastic accordingly, remembering that the elastic should be under some tension or the skirt will feel too loose. 

12. Insert the elastic using a safety pin to guide it. When the elastic meets at the end, pin and sew it together, taking care to make sure it has not become twisted at any point in the waistband. 










12. Close the gap in the waistband with a few more stitches either on the sewing machine or by hand.


And that’s it! You now have a unique, fun skirt fit for a girl and her doll 🙂 

Joining Teresa at the Really Crafty Link Party


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