Made and making….


I am finally getting around to sharing what I made for my eldest daughter’s Birthday. I finished the Front Range Tee a few weeks ago and also knitted a mini version for my daughter’s Waldorf doll Rachel. I have shared the doll notes here. I love Laura’s  designs as they are so easy to translate into doll and adult size 🙂



I also sewed a strip pieced patchwork skirt for my daughter at her request in her chosen fabrics (bright and cheerful). My youngest has a dress with a similar style on the bottom half which my eldest loves, so I used that as inspiration. It is so easy to make and really jolly. Of course I made her doll a matching skirt too! 🙂



I will shortly share a tutorial for the skirt as it is easy to make with very little sewing experience – all straight lines and no separate waistband either! 🙂

I always get my children to choose what they would like me to make for their Birthdays (including the fabrics/yarn) to be sure they will be happy with their homemade gift. They both love it that their doll has a matching outfit too. I think all little girls love that 🙂 Not that she is that little anymore….11 years …oh my! How many more years will she want me to make things for her?! I know the days are numbered so I shall enjoy them whilst I can. 🙂


For Christmas I have started work on this “secret” project. I don’t know if you remember but my eldest knitted a tiny rabbit for her sister’s Birthday in May. Whilst searching for the pattern, I came across all the lovely soft toy designs by the same Designer and I just knew that I would have to make my daughters something from there for Christmas. Those cute teddies and dresses are just adorable and I expect my daughters will think the same!


Apart from these projects, we did some beeswax dipping for the autumn Birthday mobile we always hang above the Birthday table. We had collected leaves from several walks over the weeks so there were plenty to choose from. The house was filled with the sweet homely smell of beeswax and the leaves took on a wonderful lustre. I never tire of beeswax dipping 🙂 not that I get much chance these days as my daughters take it in turns and I have to sneak in a go at the beginning (to check the wax is behaving itself!).





My daughters have also made a couple of conker webs each for the nature tables at my request as so many of ours have broken over time.


They are so easy for a young child to make with a little adult help.

Materials : conkers, yarn, cocktail sticks, bradawl 


  • Punch five or six holes in the side of a conker using a bradawl (adult job!)



  • Push little cocktail sticks in the holes ( or wooden skewers if you would like a bigger web)


  • Using your chosen colour of yarn, make a knot on the far end of one cocktail stick (this will be covered later by the weaving).


  • Loop the yarn once around the next cocktail stick for the first 3 or 4 rounds.



  • Now start looping the yarn twice around each cocktail stick to acheive a wider spacing


  • and three times towards the outside. It really is a matter of preference. This is how we like our spacing, but it can be two right from the outset or even three if the child is in a hurry!!


  • Keep doing the above all the way round until you reach the edge or where you would like your web to end.


  • Knot the thread tightly and cut off. And that’s it!


My daughters will happily make several at a time. I never can keep up with punching holes for them!! 🙂

Hope you are enjoying some cosy autumn crafting time. Joining Nicole and the crafty folks at Crafting On

6 thoughts on “Made and making….

  1. What fun makings! I was just thinking of how she is 11 and still loves her doll and your creations. How sweet. Thanks for the directions on the conker web, and best of luck on the bear. I have long admired the Little Cotton Rabbits creations.


    • Thanks Brandy! They are gorgeous aren’t they. Hope I can do the bear justice! Yes I am so pleased my daughters are still so innocent and playful. I think a lot of it comes from protecting them from outside peer pressures that are so great in the State schools. Everyone grows up so much quicker there 😦 Long may it continue…I was playing with dolls until I was 14! So let’s see….12 is meant to be quite a milestone so there is one year left til then. I shall enjoy it whilst it lasts!


    • Thanks – fingers crossed I do it justice! I know it won’t be long til my daughter no longer wants me making things for her, so making the most of it while it lasts. 🙂 You still have a fair few years ahead with L – enjoy 🙂


  2. All of this is so adorable! I love the matching outfits for your daughter and her doll. My Elizabeth loves to match her doll, too. 🙂 We have yet to ever try dipping leaves in beeswax. Maybe next autumn we will give it a whirl. And the conker webs are so cute. All I have to show for my crafting this week is some very sketchy avocado dye… though supposedly, by some magical twist, it is supposed to turn a deep ruby red by tomorrow morning. We shall see. Thanks for sharing your lovely creations!


    • Ah thanks so much Stacey. I really appreciate your lovely supportive message. It always spurs me in to do more sharing 🙂Beeswax dipping is easy and so lovely. Hope the dying has gone well! Sounds like magic!


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