What’s with the weather?


We have had a strange couple of days of weather here in the South East of England. Weather changes are frequent here of course and it is often a topic of conversation 😉 but yesterday was a particularly unusual day as far as the weather was concerned.

We drive to school along a coast road every morning and are always remarking on the ever changing moods and colours of the sea and sky. As a family we feel changes in mood and pressue in the atmosphere very keenly. Yesterday morning my daughters and I noticed the sun’s rays were just barely perceptible, but were still managing to make beautiful patterns through the clouds. What was an uplifting sight!


When I picked my youngest daughter up from school at 1pm, she pointed out to me  how the sun was a pinky orange colour and could be gazed at without any glare.



As we were driving to pick up my eldest from school at 3pm, the sky got progressively darker within a short space of time – very much like the solar eclipse we saw this summer in Portland, Oregon!


The sky became a dark sludgy brown colour and the air was very still, as though holding its breath. It was very eerie!


We haven’t experienced anything quite like this here, so I imagined it must have to do with weather fronts elsewhere in the world. My daughters, highly sensitive creatures that they are, remarked that they could smell burning in the air. My husband later informed us that there are forest fires in Portugal, a big hurricane in Ireland and the Sahara desert winds are carrying the sand far and wide. It all made sense finally….


When I went out yesterday evening, the sky was tinged a yellowy/brown with a rainbow like stripe between the top of the sky (presumably clouds carrying the sands) and the bottom layer that was clearer. The sky got progressively more yellow as the sun set.


I was just pointing and shooting, no filters!

This morning the sun was struggling to get through the clouds and even when it did briefly, it didn’t have it’s usual strength or glare for this time of year and was still a pinky/orange colour.



There were a few glimpses of the sun on and off, including this uplifting sight


Only this evening did the sky brighten up substantially and we enjoyed this heavenly sunset.


What a funny couple of days it has been. I feel so grateful that we are safe and sound. My love, thoughts and prayers go out to all the places in the world where the weather is deeply affecting lives and the beautiful world that we live in 😦

I must say the gloom at 3pm in the afternoon was hard to take….I’m clearly not prepared for the winter months!!! 

4 thoughts on “What’s with the weather?

  1. My goodness! Yes, the weather is so strange any more. This is a hard time to live in, I think. I’m used to October being cold here and being completely done with Summer and now it seems it comes once a week, even though I’m sitting in a shawl and hat right now. We had wildfires last year and the smoke was so very strange. We’re used to wet, foggy weather and it was anything but that.


    • Yes things have definitely changed, weatherwise. It is unnerving when we are used to certain weather fronts. And there are so many more fires, hurricanes, tidal waves and so forth these days 😦 It’s a sign that the world is out of balance and we need to redress that as soon as possible. On a lighter note, It is hard to know what to wear! Today its drizzling and cooler, tomorrow, who knows?


  2. Yes it was strange weather and so quiet, don’t think we heard any birds that day, my rabbits were a bit spooked and children unsettled. Just shows how much even in the modern day the weather and how the sky is affects us all.


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