An autumn day in Wisley, Surrey


Last weekend we enjoyed the autumn colour at the RHS Garden at Wisley.


We visit Wisley in every season and often meet up with with our favourite friends who live near London. The girls and their friends have a very special spot in Wisley where they have played fairies for years. There were once woven willow toadstools there, but these have since disintegrated, but for them the area is still imbued with a special fairy magic. 🙂


This time we went as a family. My husband is a Garden Designer/Landscaper so he is always looking for inspiration and Wisley is always improving and changing and is a great place of inspiration for us. The long deep borders are particularly impressive, with all the stunning perennials and grasses, all still very much vibrant in colour with the softer golds of the grasses interspersed. The planting combinations are so wonderful.  My daughters just love to run up and down the wide grass pathways 🙂



They have set up a pumpkin patch this autumn for families to explore. We had a look around and enjoyed seeing the wide selection of pumpkins, gourds and squash on offer (my favourite are the Turk’s Turbans) and the Wisley scarecrows hard at work!

My eldest spotted this great tit feasting on sunflower seeds.


Wisley has a magnicent fruit and vegetable garden. We even found ripe strawberries there (!) and an expansive fruit orchard, complete with medlars. There are heirloom varieties of all the fruits and vegetables and the RHS uses the garden to trial all kinds of plants.

They have a new tropical garden which has replaced the old rose garden. It was exciting to see bananas and pineapples growing outdoors. We were all surprised to find pineapples growing on the ground! (one for the general knowledge!)



We also visited some of the show gardens which were beautiful.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the Wisley Glasshouse.  The Glasshouse houses a beautiful collection of orchids and mature tropical plants and a learning zone for children. In the late spring they release butterflies 🙂 It is a great place to spend a rainy day, especially if it is cold as there is a hot tropical zone inside!


My eldest is nearly 11 and I clearly remember many a rainy day spent in there with my friend when our children were very young. It feels like it has been around forever, but then it feels like I have been a mummy forever too….was there life before children? 😉


Of course there was plenty of autumn colour to feast the eyes on, including my favourite Tulip Tree

and we were all captivated by the delicious caramel scent of this amazing tree!


Wisley holds a special place in our heart for all the memories we have made here since before children and when the children were little. Some places are like that. I would recommend a visit if you love plants and space. There is a wooden natural play area for children, but ours are perfectly happy just walking around taking in the sights and sounds. There is something to excite all the senses here.

There are three cafes, including a large restaurant and a fabulous shop and nursery with RHS awarded plants for sale. Something for everyone really. 🙂

Here are just a few more glimpses of wonderful Wisley:





4 thoughts on “An autumn day in Wisley, Surrey

    • Ah thanks Helen! I would highly recommend a visit. We went again the other day with our friends and it is still beautiful. It is all year round we find. They have started doing work on modernising it in parts so there are a few chaotic patches but it doesn’t detract from the essence of the place. Go for it! 🙂


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