Goings on


I haven’t visited this space for a little while as life has been rather busy and writing here is really an enjoyable luxury for me. The last week has been spent finalising our travel arrangements (in all manner of ways) and enjoying end of term plays, concerts and celebrations. The girls have been making teacher presents:



my youngest brought home her first grade knitting project (modelled here by her sister)


and my eldest brought home her own original design cross stitch project. I love it!


The design is of a watercolour ‘splodge’ painting, where the children painted coloured splodges on one side of a piece of squared paper and folded it over to make a mirror image on the other side.


This was then translated onto another piece of squared paper to create a clear design as shown below:


I fancy having a go myself  – such a lovely idea. I love Waldorf education for all the handicrafts and beautiful paintings.


What with  travel preparations and end of term busyness, I haven’t done much creating myself. I ordered myself some lovely purple yarn to make myself an adult version of the sweater I made my eldest a few weeks ago. I love the design and can almost fit hers, so I thought I would give it a go too. I also have yarn from my stash for making a shawl, so I should be fine for car knitting!

I have been putting together craft supplies for our holiday, including Fimo clay, which we are all addicted to at the moment!  The girls haven’t finished their doll quilts, so I have cut out the borders, batting and backing so they can continue their work while we are away and their dolls will be able to enjoy their new travel quilts 🙂

My daughter was off school last week as she was feeling unwell – she is suffering from quite a bit of anxiety about the flight and travel to the unknown and I felt a home day would be helpful. She spent the morning rolling yarn into little balls so the girls can make pom poms while we are away – possibly on the plane – so that we will have a garland of colourful pom poms to hang everywhere we go 🙂


We will be changing accommodation every three days so it will be hard to feel settled, but small things like this can help us to feel more at home.

We will probably be making a few more things, no doubt, with craft supplies we find in the US, but for now, this is a start. My eldest is keen to do some tie dyeing after her eurhythmy (dance) teacher tie-dyed a green T-shirt for her. I hear that you can tie dye with Kool Aid, so I imagine we will be having a go with a few cheap T-shirts when we are on our holiday!

Apart from holiday craft plans, my eldest spent some of the morning threading beads onto long lengths of yarn to make a beaded curtain for their little house at the back of the garden. We have so so many beads, buttons and bells, all collected over the years of parties that they didn’t fit in the tin anymore!


I have been thinking of ways to use them. Finally we have a plan! 🙂 So far we have emptied the bead tin by a third, making four beaded panels. Probably another four will do the trick. I think they will look nice and effective and the best bit of course is that they are homemade 🙂

We had dear friends over for the weekend. Usually we go camping with them every year in early August, but since we will be away for over five weeks, it won’t work out this year, so we had a “glamping” experience at ours 🙂 Everyone had a bed to sleep in, but we still spent lots of time outdoors, had a bbq, built a fire later on and toasted marshmallows. It was really relaxing and fun to have our friends over.

We have done quite a bit of work in the garden in the last week or so – my husband mainly! The little play house is finally painted:


my husband has excavated an area for a pond:



which the girls could not resist using as a pool during the hot weather we have been having – they have had a lot fun,  including a massive water fight at the weekend with our friends!


Eventually we are going to put plants and a pump in and hopefully attract lots of lovely wildlife and hopefully have some fish in there too. Water is so soothing in the garden.

My super talented husband has also built us a new seating area right in the middle of the garden, where the sun still shines until late.


It was so lovely to sit there on Saturday night. We didn’t feel we were disturbing the neighbours at either side or the back with the smoke, so we could relax. This is always an issue in built up areas, so we are pleased we now have a solution. Am fantasising about fires in the winter too 🙂

Our back garden is starting to take shape. My husband has lots of lovely ideas, being a Garden Designer. Our front garden is very magical at this time of the year with all the tall perennials creating a secret garden feel.








My husband is planning to do much of the same in the back garden in September, which will be lovely. He is so talented and clever – we are very lucky to have him!

The veg garden is coming along. We are enjoying copious amounts of cut and come again salad and some sweet tender peas. The cherries are almost over – I do believe my eldest daughter ate almost all of them (!) and the first yellow courgettes are on their way. We won’t be around to enjoy the abundance until the end of August, but I have encouraged our pet sitter to take all that she would like for herself and for our pets, and of course she can enjoy two freshly laid eggs daily. She has agreed to water the garden daily in dry spells, so hopefully things will keep growing and we will have juicy ripe tomatoes to look forward to 🙂

I am harvesting the chamomile flowers daily to dry for chamomile tea


and we have a herb bed – volunteer herbs mainly, with lots of dill, chamomile and fennel and we have now added lemon balm and calendula.

I haven’t put my heart and soul into the garden this year, but it is still thriving somehow. Everything wants to grow – the life force is always there.


I will stop now as we will be travelling later today. Here are my daughters playing  Panda airways 🙂


I expect I may write a weekly update on our travels as a record of what we will be getting up to. I hope you are all having a lovely summer so far.

Warmest Wishes, Anna