We have been having strong winds here in England these last few days. I have just returned from an evening walk and found my local park in chaos in places: branches have been ripped from trees and leaves lie strewn across the lawns. It feels more like autumn than summer, as I feel the crunch of dried leaves underfoot 😦



The peas and beans have also suffered in our garden as their supports have been pulled out of the ground and many tall perennials look worse for wear too 😦

And the wind is still blowing…It is having an unsettling effect on us all; the children have struggled to settle at night and I have felt all at sea somehow (lack of sleep isn’t helping…)

To add to the unsettled feeling, our hen Delilah, who was doing so well after her troubles late last year, has become unwell. She has been losing weight recently and her feathers have lost their lustre. Yesterday she was barely moving and looking very sorry for herself. I took her to the farm again where we bought her to have her looked at, but the chap there didn’t seem to hold out much hope 😦 Another lady, who overheard our conversation, advised us to feed her cat food or scrambled eggs and to add some apple cider vinegar (with the mother) to her water for her gut health. I haven’t been able to locate any, but I do have freshly ‘brewed’ Kombucha in the fridge which tastes like apple cider vinegar and is good for gut health, so I gave her a little of that in her water.

I read somewhere online that watermelon is a popular choice, especially if the hens aren’t drinking so we gave her some of that. She certainly seems to be enjoying it, but mainly she has been resting.  I have had her on my lap a few times, crooning “Delilah”  to her – I have been a big Tom Jones fan all my life 🙂 – and other soothing tunes. I have always sung to our hens, funnily enough. It just feels right somehow!


She is currently indoors in the guinea pig hutch so we can keep an eye on her. Poor dear, she really isn’t well, but we will continue to hope and pray for her recovery and above all that she does not suffer. In the meantime we are giving her lots of love and care.

Any ideas from fellow chicken keepers to help our hen would be very welcome.

Hmmnnn…yes it all feels rather unsettled here tonight…..

And to add to the unsettled feeling, the country goes to the polls tomorrow….

At uncertain times like this, it helps me to turn my attention to my breath; the one thing that is steady, reliable and always there and I choose to focus on beauty and abundance where it is to be found. It is everywhere if you look for it.


The first ripe strawberries


The generous quantities of elderflowers this year


And summer storms do produce the most beautiful rainbows 🙂

Of course storms are just part of the weatherfront in nature and in the landscape of our lives. This too shall pass and the sun will shine again.


I try to remember that none of this is in my control anyway and the best thing I can do is let go and trust. All is as it should be. 

4 thoughts on “Unsettling

  1. I understand so well that unsettled feeling. I was just asking the doctor (yes, back again) this morning, “What is this world coming to?” The look he gave me told me he knew what I was talking about it. Everything seems topsy turvy. Nothing feels safe any more. Steiner spoke of this often, which is some comfort.

    I hope your dear hen is well again soon. I imagine that must be hard on you all. You are right to look around for abundance. It is there.


    • Thank you Brandy for you kind words. It feels like we are all shook up like in a snow globe – I expect things will settle, but it takes time and perhaps things have to feel this way before a new and better path emerges…I don’t know…I live in hope! Are there any Steiner books you would recommend or lectures on this sort of topic? Hope you are all better soon. Hugs


      • His lessons from 1904-1909 talk about this–I saw an excerpt in a group that was thought-provoking to me. I’ll admit that I am not so great at reading his writings directly, and most rely on interpretations of them and stories of how they are implemented. 😉 I think the bigger picture is the idea of the Michaelic Age that began in 1879. I have this verse on the wall in my kitchen: http://www.celebratetherhythmoflife.com/2016/11/for-our-times.html It gives me both fear and hope, an odd mix, but it does capture well the feelings that seem to be stronger with each passing day.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing that Brandy. I have printed it out. I find some of his writings are difficult to read due to translation making things sound clunky. But I also think some of the things, especially esoteric matters are just difficult to put into plain old words!


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