Birthday continued…

We continued our Birthday celebrations for C on Tuesday with a little craft party. C wasn’t sure she even wanted a party initially as she is so shy at parties, however she changed her mind once she had a theme in mind, but she only wanted to share it with two friends. We spent some time over the weekend cutting out the craft materials and the girls made a spring coloured paper chain on Tuesday morning to hang by our big door to create a bit more party atmosphere 🙂


My daughter wanted a ‘cat’ themed craft party, so as I mentioned before, I made the girls wild cat costumes to wear.


The tail attaches to the skirt with a press stud at the waist band and the ears are also detachable (I used velcro), so the girls can wear the hairbands and skirts other times too. It was fun making the outfits, but the ears were very last minute, so I think I could have improved on them! The girls were happy with them though, so that’s all that matters really 🙂

C’s friends also came dressed up as tigers and leopards so that was a good match.


We have had craft parties for years now as my daughters appreciate a quiet party (saying that my eldest daughter’s Hallowe’en birthday party last year was far from quiet!! She is growing up…). I have so many craft materials from years gone by including these multipurpose pens for painting on wood, pottery etc, so it was rather effortless to put the party together.


First they decorated cats,


then they decorated cat masks


and finally they decorated some sweet bird houses I found at an arts and craft shops for very little money.


The girls were so engrossed in their decorating, there was a hush for much of the time as they concentrated on their creations!

But they did take a break in between to run around,  twirl around with bubbles and chat with the guinea pigs 🙂

Of course there was more cake, courtesy of Daddy again.

My daughter loved her party and the girls are still enjoying wearing their cat masks!


4 thoughts on “Birthday continued…

  1. Oh, that looks like so much fun! I am like your dear C. I love a party with just a friend or two. Your cat silhouettes are so pretty. Thank you for the wonderful ideas–I am planning to give a small party for my oldest girlfriend next month and she loves bunnies. 🙂


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