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I have missed writing here these past couple of weeks, but other matters have absorbed my spare moments and I have had some pressing issues about resizing my photos so they don’t take up so much memory space on my blog. Being not very computer savvy, I have been loading photos from my camera straight onto my blog without downsizing them (I didn’t realise you had to…) so my memory cache for photos is almost full!! 😦 It has taken me a while to sort it out, but I am back with more photos now 🙂 I am still looking for a better solution long term as I don’t have that much memory left, despite the kind folks at WordPress giving me a chunk more. Any suggestions would be most welcome!!! 


Looking back at the photos I have taken over the past couple of weeks, I think it best to write two or three posts, but first things first: we celebrated my youngest daughter’s eighth Birthday on Monday. Eight!!!
How did she get so big?! It feels like only yesterday that I held her in my arms for the first time after a wonderfully quick and peaceful home birth, gazing into her big beautiful eyes and remarking on how very gorgeous she was. Our little girl – a blessing, as all babies are. And here we are eight years on – she has long limbs, knows her own mind, is gentle and kind and has a marvellous sense of humour. She is still as gorgeous as ever; with her big green eyes, long dark eyelashes and her cheeky smile (if only she would clip her long fringe to the side so we can see her in her fullness…). I have so many mixed feelings about my daughters growing up: pride at seeing them become their own people, intermingled with sorrow at the passing of the years. One year on, I think this space is becoming a wonderful record of these precious years of early and middle childhood. I have been thinking about the purpose of my blog; why I cherish spending time here. Of course I like to share what I have learnt and connect with others, but it is also a keepsake for me; somewhere to store our memories and a place to record my gratitude for the life I am living; as a homemaker, mother and trusted guardian of two precious individuals. It is a deep privilege to walk this path with them for the years that they need me and I hope this diary of sorts will bring back fond memories in the years to come.


Anyway, I digress. Back to the C’s Birthday…..

The weekend before my daughter’s Birthday was full or making, last minute tidying up and Birthday and party preparations (we held a small craft party on Tuesday for two school friends).




There were a few late nights, but it was worth it of course 🙂

I shared how we celebrated C’s 7th Birthday and party here and how we celebrate Birthdays in general here, so I won’t go into any depth this time, as our Birthday procedure is the same every time without fail. The girls have even started laying a flower path from our bedroom to the Birthday table for my husband and I on our Birthdays too so we can experience the wonder of it all 🙂

So, the Birthday began EARLY!! (5.30am, although I persuaded my daughter to rest until 7am – not an easy ask!!!)

There were eight strips of crepe paper hanging from the Birthday Girl’s door and a path of colourful paper flowers leading down to the birthday table.  Daddy laid the path this year and my daughter remarked on how the path had only started at the door rather than at her bedside as I had done in previous years – the details are so imprinted on their memories!! 🙂

My daughter was delighted with all her presents


She loved the Geranium dress that I made for her and the miniature version I made for her Waldorf doll.


I only remembered at 4pm the evening before that I hadn’t made anything matching for her doll this year – I usually make matching skirts – so I quickly reduced the 8 year old bodice pattern by 47% on the photocopier and somehow – miracle of miracles!! – the bodice fitted our doll perfectly!! I didn’t have time for the flutter sleeves or the fabric lining in the bodice, but I did manage to tidy things up with some light purple bias binding around the neckline and armholes and I improvised with the skirt, using the material I had left. It all came together really easily – for which I am SO grateful, as my daughter was visibly delighted that her doll had a matching dress on. Phew!



My daughter was also happy with her new crayon roll. I made the larger version with a button closure at her request.


She was also thrilled with her new bed and bedding for her doll. She and her sister now plan to finish their doll quilts this half term break.


I finished her sweater in time. It was still in the garden blocking on Sunday, secreted away under our wisteria  with a small dress that my eldest had knitted for her birthday surprise bunny.


My eldest daughter was struggling for inspiration this year. She started a cross stitch project, but then changed her mind. Luckily a lovely new Mum at school showed me a knitting pattern for these cute tiny bunnies she was knitting her daughter (Thanks Carol!) and H was instantly smitten with the idea of making her sister a bunny with a couple of knitted dresses. She only started working on it a week ago, so we only had three secret knitting sessions to make it in – twice in cafes, where my daughter knitted and I read her Paddington Bear stories,

(look at those cute knitted tea cosies!) 

and once at home on Sunday morning, whilst Daddy and my youngest were food shopping for the party. Although the project was small, compared with last years teddy bear, it was no less well received by my youngest.



She loves her bunny ‘Poppy’ and has been bringing her out on all our recent trips, dressing her up and putting her into her little bed at night. So sweet.

Apart from those home made gifts, we treated her to these lovely Medici books


and a Hans Christian Anderson Fairy tale book.

We had a slow, gentle day as we were all rather tired from the excitement and late nights in the run up to C’s Birthday. We had pancakes for breakfast and the girls played for a while with C’s new Sylvanian Families Bakery – something she has had her heart set on for a long time.  We decided it best to leave the house for a couple of hours as rain was forecast for the afternoon, so we went to a farm for a picnic lunch and a tour of the animals there. The girls brought their dolls and had lots of fun giving each other piggy backs! 🙂

Both my daughters love animals and enjoyed the experience.

Then we went back home for tea and delicious Daddy-made Victoria Sandwich Birthday cake.

My daughter requested we go out to our local pub for our evening meal, which was fun and relaxing and a perfect end to a lovely celebration.

C was delighted with the day and felt special thoughout, which is how it should be!



6 thoughts on “Birthday time

  1. What a lovely day and what beautiful gifts you all made. The little bunny is so sweet! It is hard to see early childhood go by, even though what lies ahead is wonderful, too. There have been some ages I wished would never end.


    • Ah thanks so much Brandy! I think it is hardest with the youngest getting older as there is no going back. With my eldest I remember it was a bit easier somehow as I knew I still had the younger one to sing songs with, do Kindergarten things with, read picture books to. We do still do some of these things and even my eldest feels comforted when we sing old songs whilst making bread or painting, but I am conscious that this is the last year before the 9 year old change and I feel some sadness at the passing of the years. I am so conscious that my 10 year old will be a teenager in a few years and probably leaving us in less time than we have had her. Sob! But luckily right now the girls are super playful and I am trying to remain present and grateful for what I have in this moment (and trying not to be too melancholic!) Hence enjoying writing this blog 🙂


      • You are so right. I often comfort myself, knowing that I have two more little ones. It is good to capture it here, I think. I believe it goes like this:

        Golden years are passing by,
        Happy, happy golden years,
        Passing on the wings of time,
        These happy golden years.
        Call them back as they go by,
        Sweet their memories are,
        Oh, improve them as they fly,
        These happy golden years.


  2. Love the geranium dress, beautiful and wow and reducing it down to doll size, cardigan looks great. It’s hard as they grow up, it’s wonderful to see them grow and develop but at the same time you know you won’t cover that stage again. My baby is 5 this year, not a baby anymore and it’s hard at times but my oldest is now out at work, he is now an adult our relationship has changed but it’s still great, just different 🙂 Belated happy birthday wishes to C, hope she is enjoying those books, love the illustrations particularly the Molly Brett ones.


    • Ah thanks so much Helen! I was so pleased the doll dress worked out with so little time to make it in. Thanks for your birthday wishes. It’s good to hear your thoughts about your son growing up, but still having a good relationship. You have quite a few stages going on in your family it sounds like. Five is a wonderful age. Yes we love the books – they are so wholesome – only just discovered these and will no doubt be looking for more 🙂 Nice and slim to carry in the bag!


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