One step forward, one step back….

It’s been a funny week so far with trying to get things done in the garden or creatively. I feel like I am getting somewhere and then it doesn’t work out at all and I need to start again or rethink. Ho hum…

*   I ordered some yarn for the two cardigans I am going to make for my daughters and was excited to be getting started on new projects, but when I knit up a gauge swatch, it became clear that the yarn we had chosen wasn’t suitable, despite loving the colours.


It’s cotton yarn which I haven’t used before. I was hoping it would make a nice light summery top, but it isn’t suitable for the patterns I have chosen – “too gappy” my daughters have told me and I agree with them!


So back it went on Monday to loveknitting (who do free postage and returns – thank goodness!). I just received the new order this morning and knitted up a swatch. I need to work on smaller needles to get the gauge and surprise surprise, I don’t have any 3.25mm circular needles so have had to order some! I have most other sizes of needle funnily enough  😦


Hopefully this yarn will meet with everyones approval. It’s tricky sometimes ordering yarn online, but the local shops don’t have much choice, colourwise, so it’s the only way to get a nice selection to choose from.

*   I have also started painting the girl’s playhouse at the back of our garden.


It has been dark brown for a year or so because the original wood became very stained so we decided to cover it with a darker colour. It looks o.k but my daughters are keen to make it more girly and would like to paint rambling flowers on the outside, so we need to paint it a lighter colour.  Unfortunately the two colours I have tried so far are not suitable.

They are too light or too bright I am told by my husband and I tend to agree. The playhouse is right at the top of our sloping garden and really stands out now more than we would want. The colours on offer for sheds/fences are very limited. It looks so patchy now, I wish I’d just left it dark brown!!! But I shall persevere and hopefully find a solution soon that will please everyone.  Thank goodness for tester pots!!

*  I sowed all our seeds in the last few weeks and things were looking good; lots of little happy seedlings …


but when I went into the greenhouse on Tuesday, rows of them, especially the fruiting plants, had been decimated overnight by snails! Sob!


Back to the drawing board….Late on Wednesday evening (I could sow fruiting plants  from 8pm to midnight according to my biodynamic calendar) I was up in the greenhouse, sowing more pumpkins, sweetcorn, courgette and butternut squash seeds and scouring the greenhouse for snails! I found three big juicy snails 😦  I was tempted to feed them to the chickens, but my daughters would be horrified, so I took them for a little drive to disorientate them – I used to take them to the local park, but we marked some snails one year to see if they would find their way back as we had heard they could and they did!!! 😦

So I begin again. That is just how it is with this gardening lark. We always need to sow extra to share….

Anyway, onto something that I have accomplished…

I finished my Wurm hat (only to have it warming up again!!)




I am pleased with it. It is lovely and slouchy and nice and warm around the ears, which I will appreciate in the winter and a nice bright colour, which always gets my vote!

And in progress..

My youngest daughter wants to celebrate her birthday at the end of May with two friends from school and she would like them all to dress up as cats. We went fabric shopping and came back with some leopard and tiger print fabric which I am going to turn into skirts and little vests. And the furry fabric is for ears and possibly gloves and a tail. Let’s see….I suggested trousers, but my girls prefer skirts, so skirts it is.


I just spent a bit of time cutting and sewing on the leopard print set. Lovely to be sewing in our new studio and actually getting something done!!


I am copying a vest that we already have for dressing up – from when I was a girl – and making a simple rectangular skirt for my eldest. My youngest has other ideas, that I am not yet clear on (!) so I thought I would start and see what she thinks.


Hope you are having a fruitful and creative week! 

Joining Nicole for Crafting On

Joining Kat for Unraveled Wednesday



8 thoughts on “One step forward, one step back….

  1. Love your hat, shame the one of new wool isn’t suitable but hopefully you will find another project for it. Looking at your shed in the photo the green paint, right hand picture looks rather nice to me, wondering if it would work if you painted all the edges, upright strips and window frame in dark brown to reduce the brightness and add some contrast? If that makes sense lol or would it make it rather busy? Enjoy your sewing making costumes is a real joy, seeing seedlings popping up always makes me feel happy, slugs, I try and like most creatures but slugs are one I struggle with!


    • Thanks Helen! and thanks for your suggestions re the shed. We are considering maybe using that green paint you mentioned but still not sure. Taming it down with darker colours inbetween might work. Good idea. Will see what my husband thinks. I know what you mean about slugs. We also like most creatures, but slugs are just so unattractive somehow..especially when they eat your little seedlings 😦 they were the only thing that made my lovely German grandmother swear!! She used to go out at dusk picking them up with tongs! Onward….;-)


    • Ah thanks so much Cathy for leaving a supportive message! Yes our park is too close by. I think they don’t ‘home’ after they are taken more than 20 metres away. We were surprised and slightly alarmed when a few of them did!! 🙂


    • Thanks Brandy. Yes it really surprised us at the time! My daughter is doing a project on Green Sea Turtles at the moment and they have a special magnetic crystal in their brain to help them locate the exact nesting ground from their own birth. I guess snails have something special too and migrating birds etc…who’d have thought. There is so much in nature that we don’t know about but fun to find out! 🙂


  2. What a wonderful spot for a playhouse!! Hope you find a color you all like soon. Oh no snails! I have slugs here. Isn’t it amazing how fast those little buggers can destroy a plant?
    A dress up as cat birthday party…how sweet. And how sweet that you are making the costumes! I imagine she will be one happy birthday girl!
    Love your wurm hat! Hope your new yarn works for the girls sweaters! Fingers crossed.


    • Ah thanks for all that lovely positive feedback Laura! Yes slugs and snails are so destructive. We have slugs too now its finally started to rain. My German grandmother was a keen gardener and slugs were her arch enemy. I never heard her curse except in the presence of a slug!! Am enjoying making the costumes. They are going to be pretty simple, but hopefully they will be pleased. The yarn is much nicer to work with and has the girls approval, so I am all set to start once I get the right knitting needles 🙂


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