Crafting in Cornwall

When we go away on a break, I always bring a few craft materials with us in case of a rainy day or for when inspiration strikes and my daughters feel the urge to create. I mentioned some of these here.

This holiday, as I mentioned here, we enjoyed lovely sunny spring days, so we were out exploring or playing outside much of the time, but there were still a few moments for colouring in Easter pictures,


and egg designs (enlarged and photocopied from here).


The girls also made some spring items out of plasticine,


and I also cut out felt so we can make some more spring  flower ‘children’. Here are three ‘children’ I made on our journey home -they are so bright and cheery 🙂


Of course there was some car knitting and I have made good progress on my sweater, although the cowl neck is so hugely long (15 inches!), that I feel I haven’t got that far at all! I ran out of yarn near the end of the holiday, hence the felt children 🙂


This meditative, repetitive knitting is doing me good right now, especially as I find purple a soothing. yet uplifting colour.


But for now we need to turn our attention to Easter-themed crafts as it is Easter tomorrow after all!

Wishing you all a peaceful, joyful Easter 



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