Catching up…


I must say I haven’t been crafting as much as I would like to lately. I have spent most of my spare time, when the children are at school (three hours most days) sorting out boxes of things in a final attempt to get some order into our home and to declutter the things we no longer need: I have a lovely box of good quality “treasures” waiting to go to the charity shop on Friday 🙂 It will never be perfect, I am clear on that, but I find myself wasting a lot of time trying to locate certain papers and other items because I just don’t know where I have put or stored them and it is really frustrating not having systems in place that work for me. I am not particularly organised in general – I do try, but it isn’t in my nature somehow and I am a bit dyslexic on that front too, but I live in hope!

We are moving on with our works on our little garage conversion/studio. It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but it has been plastered, the doors are going in on Friday and we will hopefully paint it early next week. It is starting to take shape and despite its smallness, we think it will be the perfect space to create in and it is nice and close to the house which is a bonus.


I have been doing some gentle culling of my craft supplies. Nothing radical (I did that two years ago when we moved house), but still, letting go of things we won’t find a use for is a good feeling.  I try to keep my supplies in plastic boxes – one box for felt, one for wool roving, one for yarn, one for stuffing wool, one for fabric, one for notions and one for patchwork projects. If the items no longer fit in the box, I reduce what is in there until they do. It works for me. I have a lot of yarn, particularly aran, from old projects that is taking up far too much space in my box. The yarn is all squished up in the box and some of the more delicate yarn isn’t looking too happy. I was wondering what to do with it all when I saw the very thing on the soulemama blog (super crafter and all round inspirational woman) – a memory blanket!  I now have my mini ‘mountain’ of yarn in a big basket, always on hand and have already made a start. It is going to be a long term project, but it’s lovely to have a project where I can make good use of all this yarn. I am also enjoying some simple mindless knitting – it’s a blessing right now 🙂


I seem to have a lot of purple, pink and blue yarns to use up, with the occasional red thrown in! 🙂

I have enjoyed reading the The Reader on the 6.27. It was in the ‘quick choice’ section at our local library. I wanted something thought provoking, but easy to read and it was both of these. The story is about a Frenchman who would normally never stand out from the crowd. He works in a paper pulping factory and hates his job and all it stands for. Every day he rescues a few pages of the books that are destroyed there and reads them aloud to the commuters on his morning train journey. One day he finds a memory stick on the train and when he reads what is on it, he feels he has met his soul mate. The woman is a lavatory attendant in a mall and she is as deep feeling as he is. He goes on a quest to find her and in the meantime enjoys reading aloud at an old people home at the request of one of the commuters. In his small, seemingly insignificant and monotonous life, he finds some moments of joy. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book. You feel for the character and it is wonderfully written. Very down to earth and touching.

As for sewing, it was also high time to finish those pre- Christmas (!) projects that just fell by the wayside. My sister asked me to make bunting for her four children in December. I managed to get all the triangles sewn before we were due to meet them, but as my husband was ill at the time, we didn’t travel over for our pre-Christmas get together and I lost the impetus to make them somehow. I did warn my sister that they might not get made in time as I had other making to do, but I didn’t expect to still be finishing them in March! There has been a fair bit of illness here over the winter months, not to mention going away after Christmas, I somehow got out of the rhythm of sewing for a while. Today I finally sat down with all these projects and am pleased to say I can finally tick them off my list! And it was lovely to be sewing again!

For the teenage girl:



For the teenage boy:


For the 8 and 10 year old boys with their forest themed room:



I also finally finished the cushion I was making for our friend Zosia, who we have known all her life: she is only four days younger than my eldest daughter. It was once again rather a delayed project, but now we have an lovely excuse to see her again!



I took some photos whilst making the cushion, so I might share a tutorial soon if I get a chance.

My eldest daughter is taking part in a Children’s Parade with her school in May . I had to sew her cape today before the workshop tomorrow.


My daughter tried to sew it herself, but the fabric is so slippery, I said I would do it for her.

And finally on another crafting note my eldest daughter’s class performed the Jungle Book for the whole school and parents today. My daughter has a terrible cold and will probably be off school tomorrow resting, but the class has been rehearsing this play for four weeks as part of their Main Lesson and she couldn’t miss out on this culmination of all their hard work, could she?  After all, the show must go on! I was so impressed by the scenery and costumes and they even had lighting. Here are a few  glimpses:







Ah so lovely to spend some time creating today. Joining  the crafty folks at Frontier Dreams KKCO and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

4 thoughts on “Catching up…

  1. The bunting and cushion are lovely, so glad your daughter made it to the show, hope it didn’t leave her too tired. Love the sound of the book, have added that to my list of books to read, thank you.


    • Ah thanks very much Helen – very sweet of you! Am so glad I got them finished finally. Yes so glad she made it to the show, despite barely being able to breathe behind the masks! – she has recovered well at home today and back to school tomorrow. I loved that book. A great find. Enjoy!


  2. I’m sorry to hear that you all have had so much illness this winter. I hope this is the last of it! Your creations are so cheery and I bet your new space will be very much enjoyed. The set for the play is very impressive! Is that part of grade four? Oh, scraps of yarn. I saw that blanket she made. 🙂 I think the use around these parts is granny squares, though I admire Elizabeth Zimmerman’s idea of tam o’shanters.


    • Thanks Brandy! Lovely to hear from you. Yes it is the grade four play. It was their main lesson for four weeks and everything revolved around it, including making the set, the mask and costumes as well as learning lots of lines. I was impressed. It was good for the class to work together, although I think there was some frustration when people forgot their lines or messed about! My daughter likes to get on with things 🙂 I love granny squares too, but I fancied making a big blanket over time with our left over yarns and yarns to come – it just felt like the right thing – and mindless knitting of row upon row is very therapeutic I am finding – especially after all my hat challenges 🙂 It is warmer now, so I am having a break from that!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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