So Lent begins. I am not particularly religious, but there is something about the Lenten period, that resonates with me. For me it is period of moderation; of being more conscious with regards to eating habits and consumption in general; a time of self discipline. I am taking a break from caffeine, sugar and alcohol, which I hope will have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing (I do this at least twice a year). As well as removing these from my life, I am also adding beneficial things to my daily life to try to kick start more self discipline in these areas: for the six weeks of Lent, I am going to write daily Morning Pages, drink two glasses of water when I wake (I am often dehydrated) and I will meditate daily and go for a daily walk. I have also decided to have an earlier bedtime at least four nights a week (as I think I am chronically overtired and get crabby because of it). I have read widely that in order for something to become a habit, it needs to be done for 21 days consecutively, preferably at the same time of day. I figure over double that will help set me on the right path again with regards to self care. I do hope so. I have rather gone off the boil with that for a while now. This time of year feels so stop-start, stop-start again, if you know what I mean?! Someone is ill, then they get well, we go back to normal, only to have the next child or adult get sick. This week it was the turn of my youngest. She had an awful headache, sore throat, earache and tummy ache and totally lost her appetite – even for toast (her favourite food!) – poor dear 😦


We spent the weekend at home, dosing her up on elderberry syrup and manuka honey, with On Guard and frankincense in the diffuser round the clock, to make sure we all don’t get ill again. She was shivery so we had the wood burner going in our lounge almost all day too.


She decided it would be nice to rest near the fire on some sheepskins and otherwise we played board games and cards, including our favourites; Uno, Rat a Tat CatWildcraftBird Bingo and Memory. She wasn’t feeling ill enough not to need entertainment, but her headache kept her in one place. So we spent a lot of time in the lounge, cosied up.



We did a little hand sewing and knitting and watched  a couple of sweet films (to give Mummy a rest!). When she is ill, our youngest just wants to be entertained and close to me all the time. Daddy and our eldest went out for a bike ride and some other errands at the weekend, so it was often just the two of us. It was intense, but I need to remind myself that there is much to be gained from spending time together this way too. Life slows down for a bit and there is more time for tenderness.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done in regards to my own making. We did some knitting together so I have nearly finished the Infinity Cowl I am working on.


and  I finished the Valentine’s hat in time for the 28th February. It was a gift knit to be finished in February, so I am glad I finished it on time and the hearts came out well and are more visible than I expected. It looks too wide on the top section after the colour work, so I am going to have to rip it out to the colour work and redo it. I forgot to go back to the smaller needles 😦  My daughter also wants it more slouchy so will add some more rows. It shouldn’t take too long. I do so hope it works out. Luckily I am perseverant!



My youngest is keen for me to get started on her belated Valentine’s hat, so she helped me roll her skeins of yarn into balls on Monday, whilst we listened to a marathon (!) of  Martin and Sylvia audio-stories.


I went out of the room briefly whilst we were balling the pink yarn and it now looks like this!! Eek!  Is there an easier way??!


My daughter is better now and back at school, so I can finally borrow my husbands computer to finish this post – mine has been playing up so this post has been four days in the writing as I was unable to save it several time. I almost gave up altogether 😦  I am still doing some major decluttering whilst the girls are at school, but I look forward to the day when I can devote a bit more time to creative endeavours as they feed my soul. The balance is all housework at the moment. Craft group tonight with friends – that should get me started 🙂

Joining the crafty folk at Frontier Dreams KCCO.



4 thoughts on “Reflections..

  1. Bless your hearts. I hope everyone is well to stay now. The color work on that hat is nice. I hope the second go-round is quick and easy! There is an easier way to wind up yarn, but it is one of those pricey swifts with the ball winder. I enlist the help of family to wind them up, or I try to by yarn that is already in a skein. 😉 I hope your time of Lent is renewing!


  2. Thanks Brandy for your supportive message! I usually buy the yarn all ready to go, but I bought this one through the internet as the choices on sport yarn are very limited locally, so we are going to be busy sorting the tangles out! I am trying to enlist the help of my husband in the evenings 🙂


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