Juicing spring herbs

I have been feeling in need of a boost and recently read a lovely article about using green herbs found abundantly in nature – think nettle, cleavers, dandelion amongst others – in tonics and also as juice shots. I have enjoyed wheatgrass shots in the past and grown my own wheatgrass, but I wanted to see if I could forage for my juice ingredients this time and I have been keen to use nettles due to their high nutrient content (more here) and cleavers due to its medicinal qualities (more here).

In the last year or so, since going on a foraging course in the autumn of 2015, I have become more and more drawn to herbs and their wonderful properties.  We became members of the Herb Fairies club in the summer of 2016 and are enjoying the Wildcraft game, which is all about herbs and their potential medicinal uses. It’s fascinating – all these wonderful remedies right under our noses!  It is certainly an exciting field that I feel I want to explore much more.

My German grandmother, who I was very close to, was a keen gardener and a believer in natural remedies and had generous borders of herbs which she used in all her salads to add nutrients and flavour. As a child I didn’t understand any of this, but as I became a gardener myself, I felt myself drawing closer to my roots and to my grandmother. My grandmother has long since passed, but I feel she is showing me the way with herbs. She used comfrey for all manner of ills, from bumps and bruises, to sprains and even acne. I often suggest my daughters use comfrey ointment when they have a sore, bruise or itch and they are also drawn to it as a cure all, funnily enough (and my children are the last ones to allow me to doctor them or apply any ointments or even plasters!).


So on my morning walk yesterday, armed with rubber gloves (a must with nettles!), I went a-foraging 🙂  It felt as though my grandmother was right with me somehow. I made sure I picked the herbs from dog free zones and came back with a carrier bag full of green goodness. And there is so much more, I shall undoubtedly be doing another trip – nature is so generous, it is thrilling!


Spring is the natural time for spring cleaning our homes – the light is so unforgiving right now (!) and detoxing our systems that have become sluggish over the winter months. So a nice fresh green juice shot full of chlorophyll and wonderful nutrients is the order of the day 🙂  I used cleavers (also known as goosegrass and sticky weed), nettles and some dandelion.

If you have a juicer, give it a try. It’s free and so good for you! 🙂 If not, there are always nettle soups, teas and if you put a handful of cleavers in a jar of water overnight, you can drink  the strained water the next day as a lymph cleansing tonic – delicious too!

Here is what I did:


Place the greens in a bowl of water and give them a quick dip.


Shake off the excess water


Place the herbs in your juicer ( I use a matstone juicer) and juice.





When all your juice is made, either drink a shot right away or pour it into an ice cube tray  as I did so you can add it to your daily smoothie to up the nutrient content.



So full of life force. I am already enjoying the support from these herbs with gratitude.


And the left overs from the juicing make a wonderful addition to your compost too. 🙂

Of course I picked some extra herbs for our chickens and guinea pigs to nibble on. 🙂 They are grateful for spring too! 🙂


This past week…


“My lady Spring is dressed in green,
she wears a primrose crown..
and little baby buds and twigs are clinging to her gown…

The sun shines if she laughs at all,
and if she weeps, the raindrops fall,
My Lady Spring”

In the last few days, since the spring equinox, the weather has been glorious here; lots of sunshine and above all warmth! I have been line drying my washing and I feel things are shifting in me too; as though I am coming out after a long period of hibernation 🙂  The days are noticeably lengthening and it is so wonderful to enjoy lighter evenings again: such a relief after all the long dark days, I must say.  Things feel so much more full of possibility and our after school hours feel more productive as our energy increases.

Yesterday afternoon after school we sat in the garden sewing little felt primrose children for our nature tables. It felt so good!

My daughters insisted on adding hair – here are our little primrose children.



We are thinking of making some daffodil and tulip children next  🙂


Yesterday was Mothering Sunday (Mother’s Day) in the UK. It always takes place on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday, so the date varies every year. Mother’s Day as with so many festivals has become so commercialised as it is yet another money maker. We try to avoid all that. All I really want is to spend time together, enjoying each others company (and perhaps a little less moaning too!!). I was allowed a nice lie in, whilst my daughters busied themselves in the kitchen, preparing a delicious scrambled egg and smoked salmon with some instruction from Daddy.


My eldest daughter also made me a  kefir smoothie (and did all sieving and preparation, which I usually do every day), so that was a lovely treat. My daughters both made me a  present at school. My eldest made an origami tulip, complete with stand and my youngest made a paper flower crown, which I proudly wore at breakfast and dinner 🙂


And my husband bought me an assortment of lovely spring flowers. He knows how much I love fresh flowers. Since the early days of our marriage, I have always felt that if I have fresh flowers in the house,  I am living an abundant life and we generally do enjoy our fair share of floral joy here 🙂 They raise the vibration of a room. I do love them so.


And here I am with my floral crown – queen for the day 😉


I am wearing the infinity cowl  that I finished a little while ago. I love it – so cosy and bright. I am knitting one for each of my daughters – I guess they won’t be needing it until  next year, but they both requested one, so how could I refuse a request for something homemade 🙂


Apart from the sweet gifts and cards, we went out for a few hours, combining an errand to buy chicken feed with a stop off for lunch in the sunshine. My kind of happy!


I always make sure I send my mama friends a loving message on Mother’s Day because we truely are doing an important job, raising the next generation; a job that is so often undervalued, unappreciated or simply taken for granted. It is the perfect opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate each other and our tremendous efforts and acts of great love on behalf of our children. As mamas we don’t often get much positive feedback, especially from our children (!) so small gestures of appreciation mean a lot, I find.

I always smile at this video for Mother’s Day. It says it all. 🙂

I also did a spot of knitting. I have started the cowl neck of this knitted tunic. I know summer is coming, so it is a funny time to start, but I love the purple colour and it brings me joy to work with it.  I was looking for a simple project to just knit in the round and I love purple clothes and I never seem to find anything purple in the shops, so I have decided I am going to create some purple items myself. 🙂

I have never knitted a big project like this for myself. I usually just knit sweaters and cardigans for my daughters, but as my eldest is 10 and the last sweaters I knitted for her are very roomy (and should keep her warm for the next year or two), I didn’t think it was really such a big stretch to believe that I could make myself a sweater. And this one has short sleeves, so that’s a bonus as I am not the keenest knitter of sleeves on double pins!

When we first got married, I tried to knit my husband a striped sweater.  It was frankly a disaster area as I hadn’t knitted in years – the sleeves were too short and it was too short! He never wore it – unsurprisingly!! Luckily I have improved a lot since then; knitting for my daughters as they have been growing, so fingers crossed I can pull it off! On Friday we are travelling down to Cornwall (S.W. England) for a family holiday. I think the 6-7 hours journey will be a good opportunity to make some headway on this project and I always appreciate some mindless knitting in the car, since I can’t look down to knit or crotchet as I get car sick.
We will be away for 10 days in total;  7 days in a holiday cottage in Cornwall and 2 days visiting my husband’s sister’s family, who are farmers, in Devon (also in the S.W England). We are looking forward to a family break and my husband really needs a break from his physical work, especially as he has been working on creating our studio/garage conversion on weekends too. We were intending to take my mother with us, but she isn’t too well unfortunately, so she won’t be able to come, which is such a shame as she could so do with a break (she is still working at nearly 76yrs – out of choice).

I am also making some slow progress on the blanket I mentioned before, using up all our old yarns. It is going to be bright and cheery – just as we like it! 🙂


On a side note, we had our wooden log cabin dismantled over the weekend. We gifted it to some local friends who have lots of land for it to sit happily in. It was a real eyesore in our garden unfortunately and since we took it down, the whole energy in the garden has lifted and we are much happier to be out there. There is definitely something to be said for feng shui! We bought it soon after moving here, nearly three years ago, and didn’t really consider how imposing it would be in the garden. We were just keen to have a studio space outside as soon as possible so my husband could work there (away from the building works) and somewhere for me to craft in. It served its purpose for over two years, for which we are grateful, but none of us was happy with it taking up so much space in the garden.

At the moment there is still a decking stage where the cabin used to stand. The girls are really enjoying using it as a stage and we see many a cat or fox sitting there enjoying the sunshine, bewildered by it all.


The garden doesn’t look much at the moment, but luckily my husband is a Garden Designer and is planning to take some graph paper with him on holiday, so he can re-design the garden with relaxation in mind and plenty of space for plants. We are also letting go of our trampoline and gifting that on too. It has had plenty of use, but our daughters are fine with it going to a new home if it means we can have more plants and flowers. So glad they are on board with that! We have been freecycling lots of things lately, which has felt satisfying – this weekend, we gifted on a dolls house and a pine blanket box as well as two old but working manual cameras that we no longer use – it is great to be able to find a new home for these items where they will be appreciated anew.

Speaking of cameras, my camera needs to be sent in to be mended as it isn’t happy at all and I will be taking my computer in to be seviced too whilst we are away as it is misbehaving, so I shall be taking a break from technology for a little while, which will probably do me good. I do hope I can take a few photos with my husbands camera to share here on my return.

In the meantime, here is one of my favourite spring sites – the forsythia. I have so many fond memories of hanging our Easter eggs from forsythia branches as a child (a German custom), it is always a welcome sight. With a late Easter this year, we are just going to have to enjoy it early. 🙂


Wishing you all the joys of spring and of crafting! 

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Oh March!….


                                                     Spring is coming, spring is coming
                                                       Birdies build your nests
                                                       Weave together straw and feather,
                                                       Doing each your best, doing each your best

                                                       Spring is coming, spring is coming,
                                                       Flowers everywhere
                                                       Daisies, Lilys, Daffodillies,
                                                       Spring is in the air, spring is in the air!

March has been full of surprises weather-wise here: just last week the world was shrouded in mist for days on end, followed by a couple of the most glorious warm sunny days – the kind that makes your heart sore with the promise of the summer days ahead  – then the last few days it turned cold again, with wind and rain. I suppose this mixed bag is typical March weather in the UK, but it feels oh so unpredictable!




Today on the Spring Equinox, it is a lovely crisp sunny day – Hurrah! 

Winter is on the wane and spring is most definitely marching in at quite a pace. It always seems to take me by surprise, when spring finally makes an entrance after a long quiet winter in nature: at first there are just a few snowdrops dotted around, heralding the season ahead, but all of a sudden March brings crowds of daffodils, croci, violets, primroses and clouds of billowy white hawthorn blossom. And this is just the beginning…






The birds are a-twittering and chirruping in the hedges and treetops and life is reaffirmed all around us in nature. On my morning walk today, I delighted in all these wondrous gifts of the season. I usually listen to music on my walk, but I couldn’t resist the bird song – so sweet and enticing; all the different mating calls and birds flitting from branch to branch with greenery and twigs in their beaks as they prepare their nests. It was a privilege to watch it all going on around me.



There is a wonderful vibrant feeling to this season as everything awakens at once from a long winter slumber and the bright green of new leaf shoots is such a pleasing sight.

I finally packed away my winter books and nature table decorations a week ago, to be stored carefully in a plastic box in the eves until winter returns. I have hung our wool fairies in spring colours from the mobile above our dining table and have changed the cloth on the dining table so everything feels fresh and bright.



The nature table has a light green cloth on it and there are felt daffodils , croci and snowdrop ‘children’ dotted around. I am planning to make some little felt primroses too as wild primroses are one of my favourite sights in spring. We also have some animals  on the nature table (we like the Schleich animal range)  –  some chickens, a sheep, a fox and a deer as well a chicken and a couple of rabbits that I needle felted some years ago. I will add their young on Easter Sunday and the Easter hare of course 🙂


I made a few birds out of plasticine to sit in the branches of the trees,

and sat a nesting bird amongst some pussy willow. I absolutely love pussy willow, so I treated us to some this year; it makes me smile and it is so soft and silky to touch.


Yesterday , I still had Mrs Thaw (a character found in the book Ollie’s Ski Trip)  on the nature table, sweeping away the remains of the winter. But spring is here so she had to say her farewells.


Here is Mother Earth with the root children, busy sewing their clothes for their appearance today. 🙂


My eldest had one of the root children cleaning a bee on her nature table.So sweet.


The inspiration for this, as many of you will know is the wonderful Story of the Root Children by Sibylle von Olfers.


And today, Mother Earth and the root children have emerged in all their finery to officially welcome the spring in.




Happy First Day of Spring to you all! 



A short story about a Hen…


This is Delilah. She is one of our three lovely hens. We have had our ladies Lily, Ruby and Delilah since last May. When we first brought them home, only Ruby was laying, but the other two soon caught up and we were delighted to be receiving two to three eggs a day. Treasure!

One day last autumn, we closed them off from their laying quarters inadvertently for most of the day, so they were unable to lay their eggs (hens require a quiet, private place to lay happily -at least ours do). The next day Ruby and Lily laid flat eggs  (!) and Delilah never laid again, until this week! 

Not long after locking them out, Delilah’s comb started shrivelling and going purple and her feathers started to fall out too -she did look a sorry sight 😦


She was still eating well and acting normally – as normal as a hen can act! 😉 so I suspected she wasn’t ill, but I was still concerned when she showed no signs of improvement, so I took her to the farm where we had purchased her and the owner reassured me she was fine, just in shock. Delilah lays our biggest eggs, so I am not surprised! (Ouch!). We were advised to add Life-Guard to the water to support her recovery and I put in some crushed arnica for the shock too. It has taken a good six months for her recover. I imagine it didn’t help that it was winter,  but now she is looking almost as good as new, her comb is growing  and is a nice healthy red colour again. Hurrah!


Here she is at the back with her lady friends. Her comb is still a little smaller, but she looks really well with a shiny, full coat of feathers. 

I thought I would share this story, as being a new hen owner I had no idea what was going on with her. Our chicken-keeping book made no mention of this and when I searched the internet under “purple shrivelled combs”, it led me to believe she might have a heart condition or some infectious disease and knowing that chickens can die from one moment to the next from illness, I was keen to know what to do. Getting to know your chickens is important so you can spot behavioural changes.

Through this experience we got the opportunity to see how the girls really care for each other. When we took Delilah away to be looked at, the other hens acted very confused and didn’t really settle until she returned. It was touching to see how delighted they were to see her back; there was a lot of contented clucking.  🙂 A friend of mine told me about one of her older hens, who became sick in her old age and went into her nesting box to die. Another older hen went in there with her and later my friend found them huddled together with the other bird’s wing cuddled around the dead bird. It really is very moving to see the close relationships animals have with each other.

This morning, we were very excited to find a clutch of three eggs in the nest box!  It looks like she has made a full recovery, so this story has a happy ending 🙂


Catching up…


I must say I haven’t been crafting as much as I would like to lately. I have spent most of my spare time, when the children are at school (three hours most days) sorting out boxes of things in a final attempt to get some order into our home and to declutter the things we no longer need: I have a lovely box of good quality “treasures” waiting to go to the charity shop on Friday 🙂 It will never be perfect, I am clear on that, but I find myself wasting a lot of time trying to locate certain papers and other items because I just don’t know where I have put or stored them and it is really frustrating not having systems in place that work for me. I am not particularly organised in general – I do try, but it isn’t in my nature somehow and I am a bit dyslexic on that front too, but I live in hope!

We are moving on with our works on our little garage conversion/studio. It doesn’t look like much in the photo, but it has been plastered, the doors are going in on Friday and we will hopefully paint it early next week. It is starting to take shape and despite its smallness, we think it will be the perfect space to create in and it is nice and close to the house which is a bonus.


I have been doing some gentle culling of my craft supplies. Nothing radical (I did that two years ago when we moved house), but still, letting go of things we won’t find a use for is a good feeling.  I try to keep my supplies in plastic boxes – one box for felt, one for wool roving, one for yarn, one for stuffing wool, one for fabric, one for notions and one for patchwork projects. If the items no longer fit in the box, I reduce what is in there until they do. It works for me. I have a lot of yarn, particularly aran, from old projects that is taking up far too much space in my box. The yarn is all squished up in the box and some of the more delicate yarn isn’t looking too happy. I was wondering what to do with it all when I saw the very thing on the soulemama blog (super crafter and all round inspirational woman) – a memory blanket!  I now have my mini ‘mountain’ of yarn in a big basket, always on hand and have already made a start. It is going to be a long term project, but it’s lovely to have a project where I can make good use of all this yarn. I am also enjoying some simple mindless knitting – it’s a blessing right now 🙂


I seem to have a lot of purple, pink and blue yarns to use up, with the occasional red thrown in! 🙂

I have enjoyed reading the The Reader on the 6.27. It was in the ‘quick choice’ section at our local library. I wanted something thought provoking, but easy to read and it was both of these. The story is about a Frenchman who would normally never stand out from the crowd. He works in a paper pulping factory and hates his job and all it stands for. Every day he rescues a few pages of the books that are destroyed there and reads them aloud to the commuters on his morning train journey. One day he finds a memory stick on the train and when he reads what is on it, he feels he has met his soul mate. The woman is a lavatory attendant in a mall and she is as deep feeling as he is. He goes on a quest to find her and in the meantime enjoys reading aloud at an old people home at the request of one of the commuters. In his small, seemingly insignificant and monotonous life, he finds some moments of joy. I enjoyed every moment of reading this book. You feel for the character and it is wonderfully written. Very down to earth and touching.

As for sewing, it was also high time to finish those pre- Christmas (!) projects that just fell by the wayside. My sister asked me to make bunting for her four children in December. I managed to get all the triangles sewn before we were due to meet them, but as my husband was ill at the time, we didn’t travel over for our pre-Christmas get together and I lost the impetus to make them somehow. I did warn my sister that they might not get made in time as I had other making to do, but I didn’t expect to still be finishing them in March! There has been a fair bit of illness here over the winter months, not to mention going away after Christmas, I somehow got out of the rhythm of sewing for a while. Today I finally sat down with all these projects and am pleased to say I can finally tick them off my list! And it was lovely to be sewing again!

For the teenage girl:



For the teenage boy:


For the 8 and 10 year old boys with their forest themed room:



I also finally finished the cushion I was making for our friend Zosia, who we have known all her life: she is only four days younger than my eldest daughter. It was once again rather a delayed project, but now we have an lovely excuse to see her again!



I took some photos whilst making the cushion, so I might share a tutorial soon if I get a chance.

My eldest daughter is taking part in a Children’s Parade with her school in May . I had to sew her cape today before the workshop tomorrow.


My daughter tried to sew it herself, but the fabric is so slippery, I said I would do it for her.

And finally on another crafting note my eldest daughter’s class performed the Jungle Book for the whole school and parents today. My daughter has a terrible cold and will probably be off school tomorrow resting, but the class has been rehearsing this play for four weeks as part of their Main Lesson and she couldn’t miss out on this culmination of all their hard work, could she?  After all, the show must go on! I was so impressed by the scenery and costumes and they even had lighting. Here are a few  glimpses:







Ah so lovely to spend some time creating today. Joining  the crafty folks at Frontier Dreams KKCO and Ginny’s Yarn Along.

Play Food

Today after school, my daughters declared they wanted to play cafes and before I knew it, I was sat down with a menu in hand, ordering a sandwich, tea and ice cream! 🙂


We made some play food for our cafe during the summer holidays last year. I meant to share it here at the time, but I didn’t get a moment. But playing with it today reminded me of those lovely crafty mornings and how well used and loved these play foods have been ever since. I didn’t take any photos today as my camera is playing up (eek!) but I found these on my computer and thought I would share them with you – Ah those long summer days….




We already have wooden play food, but these are mainly vegetables and cakes and my daughters felt that they needed some real ‘cafe-style’ food to make their cafe more authentic (they are getting bigger after all so they need the right props!).  So on one of our ‘making’ days in our summertime rhythm, we pulled out recycled cardboard, coloured paper, scissors and glue and I helped the girls whip up a few sandwiches, pizzas and cheese on toast.Not the healthiest of fare, but this is what the girls thought their customers would like to eat! 🙂

These foods are so easy and cheap to make, I had to share them with you here:

For two sandwiches, you need a 12cmx 12cm square of corrugated cardboard, cut in half diagonally twice to form four triangles (we cut up an old cardboard box).


Then its entirely up to you to decide what sandwiches you would like to include in your cafe. We used coloured paper to cut out the toppings: the frilly lettuce and cheese need to be cut a little larger than the cardboard so you can see them when the sandwich is closed and the cream coloured paper for the cream cheese needs to be a bit smaller, as you can’t have cream cheese leaking out of your sandwich, can you?! Stick these onto the cardboard and add your choice of filling. We added eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, stuck on again with glue. For a closed sandwich, just place a plain triangle of card on top. Easy peasy! 


Pizzas are also a cinch to make. Use the same type of cardboard as it is robust and trace around a small plate for the pizza base. Cut a similar sized piece of red paper to serve as the tomato sauce and glue on top. Then just add all the toppings you love. My daughters only eat olives and mozzarella with the occasional sweetcorn if they are feeling adventurous (!) so our pizzas are quite simple. 


There was a request for cheese on toast which both my daughters enjoy. For this, you just need to cut a 12cm x 12cm square of card, rounding off the corners a little and cut a slightly smaller piece of yellow paper to go on top as the cheese. Add tomatoes too if you like. Simple! 


Over the summer holidays, we consumed our fair share of ice cream (a distant memory now…), so my daughters thought it only right that their customers should be able to enjoy ice creams at their cafe too 🙂 So on another “making” morning, we wet felted some balls of ice cream in vanilla, chocolate, mint choc chip, cherry and strawberry colours. 


To make the ice cream cones, I cut out a circle of thin corrugated card, 28cm in diameter and cut that in half and in half again. I then rolled the quarter circles into cone shapes and glued and stapled them to make them durable. (The staples can be taken out later once the glue has taken a good hold).

These foods are really straightforward to make with bits and pieces we all have lying around the house. A good rainy day activity. It is very satisfying to have a larger menu now. The cook and waitress certainly seem to think so!


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So Lent begins. I am not particularly religious, but there is something about the Lenten period, that resonates with me. For me it is period of moderation; of being more conscious with regards to eating habits and consumption in general; a time of self discipline. I am taking a break from caffeine, sugar and alcohol, which I hope will have a positive impact on my health and wellbeing (I do this at least twice a year). As well as removing these from my life, I am also adding beneficial things to my daily life to try to kick start more self discipline in these areas: for the six weeks of Lent, I am going to write daily Morning Pages, drink two glasses of water when I wake (I am often dehydrated) and I will meditate daily and go for a daily walk. I have also decided to have an earlier bedtime at least four nights a week (as I think I am chronically overtired and get crabby because of it). I have read widely that in order for something to become a habit, it needs to be done for 21 days consecutively, preferably at the same time of day. I figure over double that will help set me on the right path again with regards to self care. I do hope so. I have rather gone off the boil with that for a while now. This time of year feels so stop-start, stop-start again, if you know what I mean?! Someone is ill, then they get well, we go back to normal, only to have the next child or adult get sick. This week it was the turn of my youngest. She had an awful headache, sore throat, earache and tummy ache and totally lost her appetite – even for toast (her favourite food!) – poor dear 😦


We spent the weekend at home, dosing her up on elderberry syrup and manuka honey, with On Guard and frankincense in the diffuser round the clock, to make sure we all don’t get ill again. She was shivery so we had the wood burner going in our lounge almost all day too.


She decided it would be nice to rest near the fire on some sheepskins and otherwise we played board games and cards, including our favourites; Uno, Rat a Tat CatWildcraftBird Bingo and Memory. She wasn’t feeling ill enough not to need entertainment, but her headache kept her in one place. So we spent a lot of time in the lounge, cosied up.



We did a little hand sewing and knitting and watched  a couple of sweet films (to give Mummy a rest!). When she is ill, our youngest just wants to be entertained and close to me all the time. Daddy and our eldest went out for a bike ride and some other errands at the weekend, so it was often just the two of us. It was intense, but I need to remind myself that there is much to be gained from spending time together this way too. Life slows down for a bit and there is more time for tenderness.

Needless to say, I didn’t get much done in regards to my own making. We did some knitting together so I have nearly finished the Infinity Cowl I am working on.


and  I finished the Valentine’s hat in time for the 28th February. It was a gift knit to be finished in February, so I am glad I finished it on time and the hearts came out well and are more visible than I expected. It looks too wide on the top section after the colour work, so I am going to have to rip it out to the colour work and redo it. I forgot to go back to the smaller needles 😦  My daughter also wants it more slouchy so will add some more rows. It shouldn’t take too long. I do so hope it works out. Luckily I am perseverant!



My youngest is keen for me to get started on her belated Valentine’s hat, so she helped me roll her skeins of yarn into balls on Monday, whilst we listened to a marathon (!) of  Martin and Sylvia audio-stories.


I went out of the room briefly whilst we were balling the pink yarn and it now looks like this!! Eek!  Is there an easier way??!


My daughter is better now and back at school, so I can finally borrow my husbands computer to finish this post – mine has been playing up so this post has been four days in the writing as I was unable to save it several time. I almost gave up altogether 😦  I am still doing some major decluttering whilst the girls are at school, but I look forward to the day when I can devote a bit more time to creative endeavours as they feed my soul. The balance is all housework at the moment. Craft group tonight with friends – that should get me started 🙂

Joining the crafty folk at Frontier Dreams KCCO.