Half term …


We were on a half term break from school last week. It was a busy week with trips out to meet friends and having them round to ours to play, which was lovely, if rather tiring at times. Many of our friends don’t go to our school, so the school holidays is the only time we see them really.

On Wednesday we had a super long play ‘date’ with two sisters from 9.30am to 7pm (another family popped in for a few hours after lunch too). This was followed on Thursday by having another friend over from 12.30pm til after 6pm. My children and I were exhausted by the end of each day and I think the other children were too! (this was unfortunately unavoidable or I would certainly have spaced these days out!). My daughters (and I), being introverts, don’t do well with more than one play ‘date’ in a row or very long days with friends – I think four hours is our maximum time for a successful play ‘date’. By the end of both days, there was repeated questioning of “when are they/we going home” (!) from all of children, which is a shame as they really enjoyed each others company for most of the day. You live and learn 🙂

I am not one for putting on films when we have friends over, but I think in the case of the super long day, it would have helped, as everyone became fraught in the last couple of hours. 😦 Watching a simple film does have its place I think.

On Saturday we met friends at a National Trust place with a Sylvanian Nature trail!


My daughters are both crazy about Sylvanian families. They love little animals in general; soft toys, Sylvanians and the real thing of course! The trail was a little disappointing and the quiz questions rather baffling, but it got us round a lovely wooded area and the girls each brought one of their Sylvanians with them for the adventure 🙂





My daughters went back to school today and I am frankly exhausted from all these outings and play ‘dates’ at our home. My daughters prefer to have their friends over to  our home, rather than visit them as they feel more free to be themselves (and I think they believe we have a better selection of things to play with!). I respect their wishes, but find half term breaks a bit too full on personally. I prefer the longer summer, winter and Easter breaks, as you don’t need to cram so much into a short space of time.

We did have two much needed days at home: Tuesday, we spent decorating and making for Valentines and on Friday, we went for a walk and my daughters started work on their own patchwork doll quilts. They’re going to be very floral! 🙂


My youngest was very keen to get started and hand sewed several rows before her sister had even started hers.



She only has two more rows to sew together before she finishes the patchwork square and starts on the border. My eldest decided to do it the easy way and caught up by sewing it all on the sewing machine!


This is my first morning to myself in ten days and I am really appreciating a little quiet, so I can focus on getting things done without interruption. I so admire home schooling families, but I personally fear it would drive me a bit crazy to be in company all the time and my daughters don’t need a crazy Mummy!

I need to spend a few mornings on my own, going for walks, pottering about, doing a lot more decluttering and catching up on some long overdue making.

I started the Valentine’s hat before Valentine’s day, but unfortunately I have been struggling a bit with concentration, with this week being so tiring, so I have had to rip back several rows quite a few times as the pattern wasn’t coming out right 😦 and it HAS to!


So here I am again, one row of hearts in and hoping to find more quiet pockets of time this week to continue this project. My eldest daughter chose the yarns, which are a pine green colour for the main hat and cornflower blue for the hearts. We bought the yarn through an internet shop and unfortunately the colours are quite similar in tone and the hearts don’t stand out too much.


My daughter says she is happy with the effect (it’s not a surprise Valentines gift anymore so I wanted some feedback), so I shall plough on. My youngest chose light purple with dark pink hearts, which should look entirely different. I forgot how long it takes to knit with sport yarn: it is so fine, but the yarn is beautifully soft and I will have to stay patient.

Any tips for hats that are quick and easy to knit would be very welcome! I tried the Vermonter pattern, but it didn’t ever fit properly, so I had to give up after three tries! I am sure it works beautifully for some.

I was feeling a bit exasperated with my lack of knitting success, so I made myself another Drop Stitch Cowl, because I needed a quick project that required little concentration and I wanted something in a mustardy yellow too. I managed to knit most of it in a car journey and the rest while my eldest was seeing an osteopath! I think the osteopath is now inspired to start knitting too! 🙂


Now that is finished, I am going to make a simple eternity cowl with this lovely bright green yarn as I don’t believe you can ever have too many bright and cosy scarves!


I have never used such enormous needles before! Hopefully it will be another quick satisfying knit inbetween hat knitting.  It will be good to alternate between the scarf and hat depending on the mood of the moment!

I do hope this post isn’t too negative – it isn’t meant to be. I just feel very tired right now. It’s that time of year when energies are low. I’m certainly looking forward to the spring energy coming in.

Joining Nicole and all the crafty folk for KCCO.

6 thoughts on “Half term …

  1. Thanks for the updated help with the gauge! We are travelling from Denver, Colorado to Portland, Oregon. We have friends in Colorado and Portland, who we haven’t seen in ages so it’ll be fun to see them and my husband and I love to travel. Five whole weeks! Exciting! Shame we are not coming to the East – would have been fun to meet up and compare notes in person! 🙂


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