The magic of Lemon Essential Oil


Just before Christmas I attended an Essential Oils Seminar from a Doterra representative. It was a lovely, cosy morning with like minded folk, learning about essential oils and their myriad uses and sampling some delicacies such as humous with lemon oil ( yummy – so fresh!) and raw chocolate with peppermint and orange oil (dreamy and so moreish!) and drinking mulled apple juice with Onguard (based on the four thieves recipe). This was a real treat for me. I have been on the lookout to buy some therapeutic grade essential oils that I can take orally, so I was delighted to discover Doterra oils (who are relatively new to Britain). They do rigorous testing on all their products and they are 100% pure and sourced carefully from all around the world. The oils are quite pricey, but they are by far a superior product to many of the other cheaper brands (who say they are 100% essential oils, but usually have another carrier oil  added to keep the costs down. These are not suitable for oral consumption and pose health risks if ingested).

I became very interested in essential oils and their wonderful health benefits after watching an episode of the inspiring Documentary Series The Truth About Cancer – A Global Quest a year or so ago. I diffuse Onguard or my own version of it (orange or lemon with rosemary, eucalyptus, clove and cinnamon) with Frankincense oil to help me stay well. I still get the beginnings of a cold but I fight it off quickly and never seem to have any after effects, like lingering coughs. It is revelation to me!

I sometimes add a drop of lemon (or orange) essential oil to a big jug of water to drink during the day.  It is a powerful cleanser. It binds petrochemicals and can take them out of your body. This is also why you can’t put lemon essential oil in a plastic water bottle and drink it, as it leaches the petrochemicals from the plastic! It is certainly powerful stuff and essential oils should only be taken orally with caution especially if you are sensitive or have high toxicity levels. Putting them on the soles of your feet with a carrier oil is a safer method. Alternatively they can be applied around the base of your neck or on your hands so you can also receive the benefit of inhaling these powerful oils which are wonderfully mood enhancing too.

Lemon oil is also a fantastic cleaner (as is orange oil) and I have been cleaning our guinea pig hutch with lemon oil (the cheaper version!) and water for over a year now: it smells fresh and feels clean too and is healthy for the guinea pigs too. 🙂

But something I didn’t know about lemon essential oil is that it is really good at getting sticky residues off things; they literally melt away. So in the week after Christmas I tried it out on our Clavinova (piano) keys and it worked a treat!


My eldest daughter often sits at the piano, finding tunes and making up her own. Unbeknown to me she decided to cover the keys with stickers and sticky tape! 😦 I have tried all sorts of things to try to remove the dirty marks, including alcohol and vinegar amongst others, but nothing really worked until then.

The marks literally melted away with the Lemon Essential Oil: I just put a couple of drops directly onto the keyboard and rubbed a little with my fingertips and the sticky residue simply dissolved. Just like magic! Despite being a while ago, I had to share it here,  incase it would help anyone 🙂


I feel so happy as the keyboard looked so dreadful and not at all inviting. Now it is sparkling clean and we can enjoy using it again. Thank you Lemon Essential Oil! 🙂


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