Another quiet home day…

Both my daughters have colds now and I feel like I am fighting something too: it’s that January  (Oops February!) feeling 😦 We decided to meet up with some dear friends on Sunday anyway as they always cheer us up.



and we even spotted the first signs of spring. Hurrah!  🙂

But the trip wore my daughters out, so we decided Monday needed to be a home day and a chance to rest and recover. It is hard to do brain work with a cold I find, so I didn’t feel they would be missing out on anything. Instead, we enjoyed a cosy day at home, listening to some Sparkle Stories.


and drawing. My daughters don’t often spend much time at home drawing; they usually prefer to play, but since they didn’t have the energy for play, they rediscovered their love of drawing. They prefer to use marker pens for their definition, but also use pencils and crayons, depending on the effect they are after. These are just a sample of their numerous drawings:


Often my eldest daughter comes up with the ideas and my youngest copies her, or they decide what to add to their pictures together: it is a game for them. They also like to make up their own drawings, of course. 🙂 I found this drawing below particularly upbeat and sweet.


I am pleased their drawings are so joyful and colourful. Long may this continue 🙂

My daughters are big fans of Winnie the Pooh, as I mentioned in this post and it is their favourite thing, to spend hours playing Pooh and Piglet; our playroom has since become Piglet’s house and my eldest daughter’s bedroom is Pooh’s place 🙂 Here are some of the pictures they drew of their favourite characters :-). They are also compiling a little book of stories.


Apart from all that drawing, my eldest managed to crotchet a massive ball of rags for the rag rug I mentioned here. She is so quick at these things, I can’t keep up with the cutting (or sewing for that matter!!)


My sewing machine is really struggling with this project (it keeps skipping stitches). I have since bought a size 16 needle and things seem to have settled down a bit. There are still gaps, but it is holding together well, so I am going to persevere. Any tips would be welcome regarding tension, stitch length, needle size etc. 🙂 I realise I could of course sew the rug together by hand, but I prefer to use the machine for speed. It doesn’t need to be perfect after all.  I save my hands for hand knitting 🙂

My daughters have also been busily making Valentines presents!! I can’t share them right now as they are ‘top secret’, but I do have a photo of these hearts that my youngest made for Daddy.



They love making things for us and each other. I still haven’t even thought what I am going to make for my daughters yet. It isn’t even Candlemas (Groundhog Day) yet I tell them.  Let’s see…

As for me, I haven’t been making much lately, apart from Window stars and cutting snowflakes. I yearn to get back to sewing and have several projects that I still need to complete, including belated Christmas presents, 😦 but I have had to prioritise sorting  our house out after returning from holiday, as things felt very disorganised and chaotic at home. 😦

I did manage to organise our craft cupboard today on my longer day at home, which was quite a big effort, but well worth it. Things got piled on top of each other and everything felt cramped and certainly not user friendly!  I have bagged a lot of things up to sell at our school fundraiser Jumble Sale this weekend; it always feels therapeutic to have a good sort out and to pass things on that we have outgrown or never used.



A friend just returned my copy of  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying  to me and a re-read feels very timely: There is something about the first couple of months of the year that lend themselves to de-cluttering and putting our house in order – both physically and metaphorically;  a time to let go of things and to set our priorities for the forthcoming year.

We have decided to convert part of our garage into a studio; for my husband to design in (he is a Garden Designer) and for me to craft in 🙂 so I have lots more sorting out to do there before that happens!  I try to do these jobs when my daughters are at school, but as my youngest only goes half days, I don’t seem to be moving forward that quickly…

I have been too tired to do any sewing in the evening and I often fall asleep with my daughters, so I haven’t even been knitting in the evenings either. Sob! 😦 I did start knitting a hat last night, but it turned out to be massive (it didn’t even fit my husband!), so I need to downsize the needles and have try again. It is an American pattern and it appears to be difficult to find suitable yarn or even the right needle size in the UK sometimes, so I often need to improvise (not always successfully!)  Shame, it should be a quick knit, but obviously not if you have to keep restarting!!  I made myself a Wurm hat a few years ago that I loved, but I leant it to my youngest and we seem to have lost it now 😦 so I am really in need of a nice warm hat as it was my only one! Fingers crossed I make some progress soon!

I have friends coming over tomorrow morning for a crafting session (something we try to do regularly as there is nothing more nurturing than a group of women sharing a space whilst making things). Hopefully that will kick start me with my making again.:-)

Hope you are enjoying your making and crafts.


2 thoughts on “Another quiet home day…

  1. Thanks for sharing. I hope you all are feeling better now. The pictures are so delightful. As for the rug, I don’t know that I have any advice. I made a crochet rag rug using a very big crochet hook and that worked well. Are you on ravelry?


    • Ah thanks Brandy! Yes I am ravelry, but haven’t looked about rag rugs. I am making slow but steady progress so fingers crossed! I think if I did one for the house I would want a better effect, but this seems o.k. We are all better now thanks. Let’s hope it stays that way 🙂


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