The beginnings of a rag rug…

My eldest daughter has been off school for a couple of days due to not feeling well. We spent our mornings (whilst her sister was in school), cosying up in the lounge with a big basket of old clothes that we have been planning to rag for a long time. My daughter wasn’t well enough to play or do any brain work, but she did feel up to a bit of simple crotchet.

Whilst we were on holiday, my daughters discussed how they would like to make their Little House in the garden more cosy and they remembered the basket of rags (mainly old pyjamas and stained children’s clothes) that we have been keeping aside to make a rug with, so I thought it was time to seize the moment and get started 🙂


It was a nice and easy project to do together: I cut the material into long 1cm wide strips and my daughter crocheted chains with it, whilst we enjoyed a couple of episodes of  The Waltons 🙂  If we watch anything, it tends to be older films and shows where there is a slower pace and a more wholesome message.



I have started sewing it into an oval shape, with zig zag stitch on the sewing machine, in the same way I made the coasters I mentioned here, but with a bigger stitch and a stronger needle. It is very rustic looking, but it’s a play rug in a ‘rustic’ location so we are fine with that 🙂


We still have a fair bit of cutting, crotcheting and sewing to do, but it is good to finally get started!

On a side note, we also enjoyed reading this book – our favourite read when my daughters are unwell. We love the Bear Series; the books are so beautifully illustrated. This is a heartwarming story of friendship, where a sick bear is looked after and nursed by his animal friends until he is better again.


Hopefully you and yours are keeping well. Illness can be tiring and disrupting, but it is also a time for renewed closeness. Every cloud has its silver lining 🙂

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