Simple Eight-Pointed Window Star tutorial

As I mentioned here, we started creating simple window stars on our holiday and are just a little bit addicted to making them!


We have decided to include little rainbow stars in our Thank You cards for Christmas presents, in the hope that they will brighten up our family and friends’ windows as much as they do ours 🙂  (Can’t believe we are so late with our thank you cards this year, but hopefully the window stars will make up for the lateness?)


I thought I would share a brief tutorial on how to make these very simple stars in the hope that it will help someone to get started with this beautiful craft. There is a luminous, stained glass feel about them that I really appreciate.


Kite paper (we used  this paper of  16cm x 16cm squares)

Glue stick


1. Start with a rectangle. Our paper was square shaped, so I cut it into two rectangular pieces.


2. Fold the paper in half, making sure to press along the crease firmly with your nails.


3. At the bottom and top, fold both sides in towards the central crease as shown below.



4. At one end, fold both sides in once again as shown below, to form a kite shape.



5. Dab a little glue onto the right hand side of your ‘kite’ as shown below.


6. Stick the next piece along the mid line of the first piece as shown, making sure the points meet at the centre. Continue this seven times.



7. The last bit is slightly more fiddly. Dab glue on the right hand side of both your final pieces (here they are in blue and green) and slip the right hand side of the (green) piece beneath the first (yellow) piece to complete the star.



And there you have it. A beautiful addition to any home 🙂



There is a world of window star making out there to discover, but we are happy making these for now.  The stars can be any size you like and we have made large and small ones with the same technique. I have since found out you can make even simpler stars using squares, but these suit us fine. My seven year old can make them unaided.  I found the instructions in the book All Year Round;  a wonderful resource for all things Waldorf and seasonal. 🙂

May  your home be filled with beauty and colour!






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