Winter Days and the Winter Nature Table

dsc07107We have had a week of wintry weather. No snow yet, but lots of ground frost and today we spent the entire day enveloped in mist and fog! It was quite eerie (I watched far too many Sherlock Holmes films as a child!), but I also experienced a feeling of acceptance and surrender – to not seeing clearly; to not knowing what was round the corner – it was freeing somehow. This could be a good metaphor for life: we so often feel the need to be in control of our lives; to know what the future holds, but perhaps we need to surrender to the mystery of it all, to let go of fear and cultivate curiosity and openness for what is to come next. I don’t know – it is just something that struck me today.

Here are a few photos from my morning walk (I am trying to get out and walk daily – we have a local park and the coast is on our doorstep, so there is no excuse really). Nature is so beautiful in all its guises and it was so good to get some fresh air in my lungs (even if by nature I prefer to stay indoors and hibernate until warmer weather returns!)




The world certainly felt even more monochrome than usual today and the silence was only broken by an occasional solitary bird call.

Thank goodness for the ‘pop’ of colour of this front encrusted bush below.



It is so invigorating to get outdoors. I need to remind myself often how important it is for me to walk in nature; for my health (both physical and mental) and to feel more connected to the cosmos.

On the nature table, things are very wintry now to reflect what is happening outside. King Winter has taken up residence and looks set to stay for a while.


The root children are sleeping under the earth; you can just see their little blonde heads through the gauzy material 🙂



I love the winter nature table. It speaks to me of magic. I always have a generous sprinkling of fairy lights around to create the feel of sparkling ice and snow.



I made these littel hazelnut children in their walnut sledges many years ago. They are so sweet; we do love them so. I also have some little skaters on a little “ice rink”.


The gnomes are busy looking after the crystals on the mantlepiece 🙂


More lights on the nature shelf in our dining area.


And our lovely window star “sun”, bringing us joy and hope for brighter days to come.

At the weekend we went for a winter walk in a National Trust Place near us. We love visiting these familiar places in every season: there is something so comforting in the familiar. The lake had iced over and my daughters (and husband!) enjoyed throwing stones on the lake and hearing the reverberations. 🙂

The world felt very still and lifeless, yet when you look closely, little buds are already forming and much work is going on deep in the earth, as the trees and plants prepare for spring.





We still yearn for a proper snowy day, so we made these snowflakes after school today, in the hope that the angels will see them on our windows and send us snow. 🙂


We have always made the round snowflakes, but I fancied trying something different. These six pointed snowflakes are a bit more fiddly to set up before cutting (and this really needs to be done by an adult or an older child), but after that, the children could cut out the shapes and we were all very pleased with the effects!

“Oh where do you come from? 

You little flakes of snow,

Falling softly, softly falling 

On the Earth below, 

On the hedges, on the treetops, on the mountains afar, 

Tell me snowflakes, do you come from where the angels are? “

4 thoughts on “Winter Days and the Winter Nature Table

    • Ah thanks so much Brandy. I am not sure why some folks have trouble commenting. I will ask wordpress. Am glad to hear from you now though! Thanks for all the encouragement and glad you enjoyed making the sledging folk too 🙂 It’s great to inspire each other isn’t it.


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