Celebrating New Year and Ephiphany

This is the third of my posts since returning from holiday and I suspect there will be at least a fourth as there is lots to fill you in with! 

Our New Year’s Eve celebrations went well. We didn’t arrive at our holiday home until quite late in the evening, but still manged to find a shop that was open late, so we could buy some drinks and snacks for the evening :-).

As I mentioned here, we have little traditions for New Years Eve that we try to carry on from year to year, regardless of where we are.

Firstly we wrote down what we were grateful for in 2016 on little coloured paper stars that we had prepared in advance.



We all easily managed to fill both sides of our five stars which was encouraging. When we make it a habit of regularly focusing on the things we enjoy or feel grateful for, it changes the way we see the world (especially for the melancholic personality, who naturally see the difficulties and the struggles). We certainly find it very helpful.


We hung these up by our patio doors using string and little pegs and it created a nice festive feel to the room for the rest of our stay.

We also wrote our wishes for 2017 on paper and although we didn’t have a fire to burn them in, we folded the paper up (like the angels my daughter made to sell at our Christmas Fayre) and improvised using a frying pan and a box of matches instead.



It still felt symbolic and meaningful to us.


After this, we did our little walnut boat ritual. We couldn’t fine a rectangular shallow baking tray, which we would ideally use, so we had to make do with a blue plastic washing up bowl! and we didn’t use tissue paper as it tore (the water was too deep).


We also had to improvise in the healing corner with frankincense essential oil (a great healer and very apt at this time) and a little clay toadstool. Ideally some greenery would have been better, but we didn’t manage to locate any.

Despite being circular, we still managed to create four corners for abundance, love, healing and adventure, so all was well :-).  We enjoyed taking turns to light our candles and float our walnut boats on the water, waiting with bated breath to see where our little boats would take us.


When the boat reached its harbour, we drew an angel card from the deck at that corner. Mine went to adventure with an angel card of abundance, which felt like a good omen fo the year ahead! We have a month long trip to the States planned this summer, so that should take care of the Adventure! 😉

Each day of the twelve days of Christmas, we hang one little felt booty from a red silk ribbon. We took them with us so we could continue this on holiday too. It made another pretty addition to our appartment.


The twelve days of Christmas ended with Ephiphany on 6th January – the visit from the three Kings (or wise men). In Spain, Ephiphany is the main celebration, with people exchanging gifts and celebrating with their family and all the shops are closed that day. On the night before, there was a Three Kings Parade in our resort, which we enjoyed watching.





Currently the Kings are with Mary, Joseph and Jesus on the Nature table.


I will soon change the nature table for winter, but we thought we would enjoy the Nativity scene a little longer. Babouschka is almost there too.


My daughters like to think Babouschka arrives in time to see Jesus and one of the books we read says just that. The other is the original version and it upsets them to think she never reaches Jesus and continues searching fruitlessly for the rest of her life, so we let Babouschka arrive before the Nature table changes.  I made both of my daughters their own Babouschka at their request last year.


We have also been enjoying reading  The Fourth Wise Man.

We missed the Ephiphany celebrations at our school, which I believe involved a Three Kings cake and singing. Another year….

That’s all for now.  I hope you enjoyed your New Years celebrations too!



2 thoughts on “Celebrating New Year and Ephiphany

  1. Oh, that is so sweet about Babushka. We have the Caldecott version, along with a few others in some festival books. I may just make a little Babushka for my youngest next Christmas (but get an earlier start!).


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