What we made on holiday…

We have just returned from 10 days of sunshine on the island Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands. When we go on holiday, as I mentioned here, I always go prepared with a range of open-ended craft materials and games, so we have no excuse ever to be bored!

My daughters are still in the phase of being happy to play for long periods of time at home and enjoyed many happy hours of fantasy play with the few toys they brought with them and various articles they found scattered about the appartment (that took on a new lease of life in their play!)  This meant my husband and I could recuperate well from our illnesses and I managed to fit in a bit of knitting and reading – bliss! I brought with me a lot of different unfinished projects as I wasn’t feeling too clear headed when packing (!)


but only actually finished – well almost – the cardigans  for the mice I knitted my daughters for Christmas. I ran out of wool to make the hoods with, but will finish them off when I get a chance to purchase some more. As I have previously mentioned, I didn’t do a gauge swatch when knitting the mice, so they are rather larger than expected. My daughters are very happy with the size though and really dote on them, calling them their babies. They are so loving and sweet with them, and so thankful, I couldn’t be happier really. I will need to made the hood a lot wider I think to accommodate their larger heads 🙂

Here are a few photos of the mice on holiday 🙂 They came everywhere, except the beach and the Sand Dunes, because my daughters didn’t think they would like sandy paws!


Here they are checking out the food for their babies in the baby aisle.


Tucked up in bed at night


My youngest knitting a little stripey scarf for her toy dog with her baby on her lap.


And finally riding high on an airport trolley, all cosy and warm in their cardigans ready for their return to blustery, cold England 🙂

My daughters made the most of all the craft materials and drew many pictures  to decorate the appartment with and of course some of their beloved mice!


I also brought some patterned card and kite paper with me so we could do a few special things together as it was still Christmastime after all.

I always try to trace around my daughters’ hands at some point during the 12 days of Chrismtas so we have a memento of how they have grown each year.


I have done this in felt, gold card, hand-painted card and patterned card over the years and we also did a family tree with hand prints on it one year. This year we chose some festive patterned card.


We still place their golden cutout hands on our Christmas tree every year as they fit in so well with the reds and golds and hold precious memories. Sentimental, who me?!?

dsc06415We also had quite a few craft sessions making very simple Window Stars (that I photocopied from the book  All Year Round) using this kite paper. I know the world of window stars and transparencies is rich and varied, but as this was our first proper attempt (hard to believe, me being a Waldorf mama!) we got totally addicted to making these simple stars. When we spoke about how addictive they were, my youngest daughter declared:

” Mummy some children are addicted to sweets, but we are addicted to making window stars!”

We decided this was a healthy addiction 🙂

As you can see we made quite a few!


We particularly love the rainbow stars and the yellow “suns” as well as the red and pink “flowers”. They are so vibrant and beautiful and will bring much needed colour to our windows whilst the outside world still feels so monochrome.

They aren’t perfect, but we find them perfectly beautiful 🙂


I took a few photos of my daughters’ making them that I might share in a simple tutorial soon,  just in case there are others of you who, like us, are also new to window stars.

I think I would like to try some more  intricate designs next –  if we can find enough window space!! And of course there are snowflakes to make; my daughters are hoping and praying for snow. 🙂

We are looking forward to unpacking all the holiday pictures and makings and hanging them around the home to freshen things up a bit.

I hope you are having lots of crafting fun, wherever you are. 

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams KCCO.

3 thoughts on “What we made on holiday…

  1. Oh, the mice are so dear! I can see that they are very loved! We are making lots of window stars and snowflakes here. They are a lovely addiction to have. I made one quite similar to that blue and white one, in fact!


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