On a Cold and Frosty Morning

We woke this morning to a thick frost covering the garden. At first glance, my daughters thought it was snow – oh how they yearn for snow ( which we so seldom have here by the coast), but when they realised it was just frost, they still ran outside to embrace the cold and to enjoy the crunch underfoot.



DSC06696.JPGThe world seemed, for a moment, transformed into a shimmering, magical winter wonderland and we gazed in awe at the beauty around us. It reminded us of  Ferdie’s delight when he sees his favourite tree, now quite bare, cloaked in glittering frost and icicles.

I thank my children for giving me the gift of childhood wonder again. 🙂 

One thing my daughters were particularly delighted about was that Jack Frost had drawn feathery pictures on the single-glazed windows of our outside cabin;

“Just like in Laura and Mary in Winter, Mummy!” my youngest pointed out 🙂


A little robin was clearly as  delighted by it all as we were.


We also found a  layer of ice in our bucket to make an ice window, although after so many warmer days, we forgot to put any string in or other treasures, so we had to make do with standing it by our Buddha. 🙂


What a magical start to the day. Everything felt fresh and sparkling and we relished it!  Tomorrow we set off for warmer climes, but we were so pleased to have this opportunity to embrace the beauty of winter.

Wishing you a magical start to 2017. 


4 thoughts on “On a Cold and Frosty Morning

  1. And to you too 😀

    We had a couple of days of hard frost and it was nearly as beautiful as snow! And aren’t they Stunning Jack Frost patterns, nature produces some incredible art given half a chance!


  2. Happy New Year to you, too! Your frost is so lovely. We have an old house with storm windows and there are numerous time through the winter that we get frost on the windows. My children have their own thimbles to use, inspired by Laura and Mary.


    • Ah that is so sweet that they have their own thimbles for making frost pictures. We have never been able to do that with our double glazing which is why I was so excited to write about it! My daughters are desperate for snow so we can make molasses candy! We don’t really get much here, but if we do, I promised we would 🙂 We just love the Little House books too. So lovely and wholesome, taking us back to a simpler era.


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