Gingerbread houses and sleighs…

We had a nice quiet day at home today. My daughters have decided to put on a play for us on Christmas Eve. As far as I can ascertain, it involves Father Christmas, elves, a reindeer and lots of singing!

My daughters wanted to make some props and asked me if I could help them. First of all, they wanted to create a sleigh out of a cardboard box, so we pored over our Christmas books to find the right look for our sleigh and then I found a big cardboard box in the garage that was perfect for this project.  After I cut it out, my eldest daughter taped the sides together (so that the sleigh has sides to it) and we took it out into the garden to be painted, as it was a lovely sunny day.  They chose reds and golds.


As you can see my daughters are still wearing their pyjamas. It was that sort of a day…


They decided the sleigh needed presents, so I gave them a selection of small cardboard boxes that they wrapped in festive paper (recyled from presents in years gone by).

The sleigh is packed and ready to go.


Then there was a request for antlers from my youngest daughter, so once again we scoured our books and found a reindeer we liked in Dear Santa. I tried to copy the shape of the antlers and traced them onto card. My daughter has attached them to a hairband.


And here are the sleigh, Father Christmas and the reindeer!


As I have explained before, every week of Advent has a theme. This week is the ‘light of humans’.

So this afternoon, my daughters made gingerbread houses out of cardboard, complete with little gingerbread man. 🙂 My daughters don’t eat sweets and I wanted to make something longer lasting, so I made these up. (I actually cut the cardboard out last December, knowing I would like my daughters to make them this Christmas). We used what we had on hand; including buttons, shiny jewels, cup cake stickers, felt, rick rack and lots of glitter 🙂





I helped them to cut out the felt “snow”, but otherwise they did the decorating themselves. Once they had glued all the embellishments onto their houses, I glued the sides together with a hot glue gun and added a roof.



We even glued a bead handle onto the door


My daughters are absolutely delighted with their efforts and very much enjoyed this activity.


They have even decided to incorporate the houses into their Christmas Eve play!


Here they are coming out of their igloo 🙂

What a lovely crafty day we had. My daughters were happily entertained; making things for and practising their play and I so enjoyed us working together. Days like these, when things go harmoniously and we have fun together are very precious to me. It isn’t always thus!

Wishing you all peace and harmony over the holidays


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