This past week (part 3)


Just under a week to go until Christmas!!  We finally put our Christmas tree up on the day after my daughters finished school and it’s looking very festive around here. Hurrah!  My daughters put on some Christmas music and had a fun half an hour decorating the tree in all the lovely ornaments we have accrued over the years




We have two trees this year as we treated ourself to a new one after 10 years. We have artificial trees  because we often go away on holiday to warmer climes at the end of December and I have always struggled with the thought of cutting down a tree for the sake of a week or so, although I do love the look and smell of a real tree.

Our previous tree is now in the family room at the back of our house and does look very artificial at this point, although the children have very fond memories of that tree and have adopted it as their tree for handmade goodness :-).

Our new tree in the lounge is much more realistic in appearance and shape and is taller too, which the children love as it dwarfs them. The angel now feels very high up!


I needle felted her a couple of years ago and we all love her soft, ethereal look. My daughters added a star for her to hold this year. (I am not sure why she has a black spot by her hair on this photo…)

The past week was the week of animals as I mentioned here. We always try to echo this theme a little in a few of the things we do that week. To that end we:

  • We put out our bird feeders and took some nuts down to the park for the squirrels.
  • My daughters also decorated the guinea pig cage  as a treat of Bubble and Pipkin 🙂


  • We needlefelted some coloured sheepswool onto polystyrene balls to make baubles to decorate the children’s tree.
  • We also made the gingerbread biscuits I mentioned here using seasonal animal shapes.


I had hoped to make some bird food using pine cones smothered in peanut butter and birdseed and some popcorn and cranberry chains, but that will have to be for another day. The birds are well catered for at their feeding station right now. 🙂

  • On the nature table, animals have been added and things are filling up nicely.




Joseph arrived on the fourth Advent Sunday and they are almost there! There is definitely magic in the air…

I am feeling a bit of pressure to finish my presents, especially the Phoebe mice for my daughters. I have knitted both mice now, but not done any weaving in or stuffing yet as I wanted to get the dresses knitted up first. When I have accomplished all the knitting I will feel better! I only have a couple of hours every evening to work on them as my daughters have been going to sleep later, now that they have finished school. I have been cosying up in our lounge watching one of our many Christmas films and knitting love into these little mice.

Here are the dresses in progress. One down, one to go….


It is quite cheap wool, so the knitting doesn’t look as neat as I would like. Hey ho. Too late to be start afresh now! I will just keep going and hopefully all will be well.

As I mentioned, we are on holiday now and my daughters have been relishing all the extra time to play and craft in. We had a couple of quiet days at home as we were all exhausted by the end of the school term. Here are a few glimpses of what they have been up to:

Apart from these current makings, my eldest daughter came back home with her cross stitch work from school, which I have to show you here as it’s so neat and beautiful.




They do cross stitch as their craft in the fourth grade and she is known to be the fastest and most accurate in her class. She is a very talented little crafter, I must say. 🙂

Apart from crafting, we had a wonderful outing on the weekend with dear friends at a National Trust property.  It was very misty, but that made it a lovely backdrop for a festive get together. Polesden Lacey is a large estate in Surrey. For Christmas the house was decked out in lavish 1930’s style. The girls had fun playing air football, dressing up as maids, writing a letter to Father Christmas and investigating the rather lovely 1930’s car parked infront of the house, which they had hitherto only ever seen in films.



We are looking forward to a few more festive outings with friends over the Christmas break. I particularly love Christmas because it is the only time of year when everyone is on holiday at the same time throughout the Western world and there is a sense of  connection across the globe – a combined wish for peace, joy and happiness for all. At least that is my hope.
Now we are in the Fourth week of Advent; the light of humans.

Joseph has joined Mary and soon the Shepherds and the Inn Keeper will appear. We will no doubt be making angel and gingerbread men biscuits!  We are also hoping to make a gingerbread house out of cardboard and decorate it with materials that we have on hand, such as: buttons, rickrack, felt etc. I will share it if I get a chance before Christmas.

I will leave you now and wish you a Merry Christmas, in case I don’t show up here for a little while. Wishing you peace, love and much joy. 

Thanks for visiting!

2 thoughts on “This past week (part 3)

    • Merry Christmas to you too Brandy! Hope you are enjoying a peaceful joyful family Christmas. I finished the mice on the night of the 23rd, still sewing the eyelashes on at 11.30pm! but they went down well and are thoroughly loved. Hurrah! It’s always worth it isn’t it.


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