Christmas books for children


As I have mentioned in previous posts, we love books here. We find great comfort in time reading together and love to escape into the wonderful world of a beautifully crafted book. We have a quite a selection of Advent and Christmas books for children ; some we purchased after enjoying them from the library; some we found in charity shops and some we were given. The illustrations are so important to me; that they be beautiful and wholesome. Occasionally a book is such fun, that I let that go, but I do so prefer a picture book with wonderful cosy illustrations.

I will share the titles here, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to go into great detail about them right now.  More can be found in the reviews that you will find with the link. ( I do not have any affiliate links, but I find amazon reviews helpful for choosing books). 

I think there is still enough time to treat your loved ones to a nice picture book for Christmas 🙂 Only nine sleeps to go!!!

These books are in English. We do have others in German, but will have to share them at some other point – maybe next year?

Stories for when you have half an hour or so to spend for some cosy reading:

The Story of Holly and Ivy – Rumer Godden

Papa Panov’s Special Day – Mig Holder

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey – Susan Wojciechowski

The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree –  Gloria Houston

Little Grey Rabbit’s Christmas – Margaret Tempest

Shorter stories for younger children :

Dear Santa – Kathryn White

Little Fairy’s Christmas – Daniela Drescher

Ferdie’s Christmas – Julia Rawlinson

The Tomten and the Fox – Astrid Lindgren

Bear Stays Up for Christmas – Karma Wilson

Tales from Christmas Wood – Suzy Senior

Little Duck’s First Christmas – Dawn Richards

Christmas in the Big Woods – Laura Ingalls Wilder

The Nutcracker – Gaby Goldsack

The Christmas Eve tree – Delia Huddy

Fun stories that my children like about when things don’t turn out as expected at Christmas: 

Santa’s Littlest Helper Travels the World – Anu Stohner

Christmas in Exeter Street – Diana Hendry – not my favourite pictures, but very funny and very English!

Russell’s Christmas Magic – Rob Scotton

Simple picture books of the First Christmas:

The First Christmas – Gaby Goldsack

The Nativity – May Eliot

Room for a Little One – Martin Waddell

We read this on  Christmas Eve night: 

The Night Before Christmas – Clement C Moore

Chapter books: 

Maria’s Kleiner Esel und die Flucht nach Ägypten – Gunhild Sehlin

Behold the Star – J B Phillips

Tumtum and Nutmeg’s Christmas Adventure – Emily Bearn

I think we have a few more that I haven’t mentioned. Will update if I find any more, but as you can imagine, life is full of activity right now!


I hope you are enjoying cosy reading sessions with your own children. 








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