This past week…


Our school Christmas Fayre is behind us now. The long setting up day on Friday, baking cakes into the night, the Fayre itself and its busyness and the clean up on Sunday has kept us busy over the past few days. We are pretty tired right now. Doing so much at a time of year when energies are low always wipes me out for a couple of days. But it was lovely. All the families pulled together and made the school into a beautiful winter wonderland. There was singing, delicious food (thanks to my talented hard working husband!), puppet shows, storytelling and a visit from the Snow Queen, there were homemade cakes galore, a chai cafe and lots and lots of crafty goodness. I don’t have many photos unfortunately as I was too busy on the day and I try not to post photos with people in them (and there were LOTS of people!) but here are a few before-the-fayre shots.

All the classes were involved in making the snowflakes and window star decorations and parents did the rest of the decorating with some help from the children.


My eldest daughter’s stall did well; she sold all her paper angels, almost all the doll skirts and quite a few of the beanbags. The boxes didn’t go too well, so she is keeping them for next year and will put something in them to make them more appealing.  She is planning to make more paper angels next year too as they were very popular; people buying two to three at a time! We totally forgot about hanging the dried oranges though as we were in a rush that morning! As you can see in the (rather hazy) photo there was a last minute addition of dog biscuits!

Once she had counted her money, my daughter paid me back for the materials, gave a percentage to the school and let her sister choose a few things to buy at the Fayre, including this cute little needle felted owl, as a token of thanks for all her help with the preparations.


My daughters have never had so much money. They were really excited by the possibilities. My eldest will probably keep one note of each denomination as she is so fascinated by them; only ever having had coins (from the tooth fairy or for her efforts with reading/practising her instruments).

The children’s stalls were really amazing. Such a high standard of work all round. One of the things my eldest treated herself to was a stress ball (a balloon with flour in it) made by one of the other children. She loves how it can be stretched into all kinds of shapes and how tactile it is. My youngest is going to make herself one and they have both decided to make their cousins some ’emoji’ stress balls following this simple video.


They are always busy making things! Where do they get it from ?!! 😉

Yesterday after school, we went to the pet shop to buy some food for our guinea pigs, including a willow ball to play with. When we returned home, my youngest daughter declared that they must have the ball as a present for St Nicholas Day the next day, so we went to work right away. She asked me to cut out a felt stocking big enough to fit the ball in and she sewed it up using a zig zag stitch – she has only just started using the machine, following in her big sister’s footsteps… When my eldest came home from school, she added the rick rack and we added a couple of other adornments at her sisters request. The guinea pigs were delighted this morning. It is their favourite treat. 🙂


As for me, I finally finished the Owlet sweater, complete with tiny little black eyes. My daughter originally wanted wooden eyes, but we couldn’t find exactly what she was after in the UK, so she decided on tiny black eyes instead, which you can only really see close up! She absolutely loves it! She has been waiting long enough for it and refuses to take it off! I never managed to block it, but it looks fine.




I have continued to knit on the Phoebe mouse; two arms and one leg down, one leg to go (and ears…and another mouse and two dresses….eek! )

The first week of Advent  has passed and we already have two candles lit on our Advent wreath.


The nature table now has crystals and shells added to it.


and Mary is walking along her star path happily (we remove the stars as she goes)


I try to do a little activity or craft based on the weeks character, so as last week was the week of stones and minerals, I decided to do a couple of things with clay:  

*  We rolled out some air drying clay and cut it into shapes, pressing some greenery onto it to create a pattern. We will use the shapes to adorn our tree and perhaps make a garland or as tags for Christmas presents. Let’s see. I found the idea in my favourite magazine Landlove.





I also covered two crystals in the same clay and once it was dry, I put them out for my daughters to crack open in the morning – like little gnomes, hacking the rocks to find the treasure below 🙂

The 6th December is St Nicholas Day.

I have celebrated St Nicholas since I was a small child, putting my freshly cleaned shoes out on the night of the 5th for St Nicholas’s visit. This is a German tradition and we have continued it with our children. We read this German book about St Nicholas every 6th December. I love the pictures.


St Nicholas left the girls a little present in their boots, which they leave by the door. This is usually an apple or satsuma, some nuts and maybe a few chocolate coins or a biscuit and perhaps a small toy or game. They were thrilled with what he brought them! ( I didn’t make the little doll, but isn’t she gorgeous!)



St Nicholas also visited my daughters’ school today (although they know this is a teacher in disguise). Both girls declared that the real St Nicholas’s satsumas and nuts were so much tastier than ordinary satsumas and nuts!

The magic is still very much alive 🙂 

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams for KCCO


2 thoughts on “This past week…

  1. How sweet, all of this. Congratulations to your daughter on her success with the fayre! I never had St. Nicholas in my childhood, but my children do and they are so thrilled. I was hesitant to put fruit in their slippers when we already had some, though they remembered last year’s pomegranates so fondly. I think I will do nuts next year! I love your little St. Nicholas and the card and book.


    • Ah thanks so much Brandy! I bought some satsumas secretly and nuts as we had none in. We are planning to buy some more satsumas to give away to the homeless in our town with some Christmas biscuits in the next week so I can hide them in there and they will never know. If the children are young enough, they won’t connect that you have the same fruit in the house as they are so in the flow with the magic but my eldest is now so observant, I need to make special efforts!!


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