Making and a little Elving

This past week, I have had a few paid projects to do. My sister asked me to make some personalised bunting for a few well deserving friends of hers. She provided the fabric and I provided the wool felt for the letters. I always use 100% wool felt because it lasts and the effect is more beautiful. I didn’t have whole pieces in my stash, so I alternated the colours and I managed to cut all the letters from the felt that I had. Phew! I couldn’t get any good photos due to the light. It is brighter than what you can see in the photo below.



I am also in the process of making two crayon rolls. Two of the children in my daughter’s class were so happy with the ones I made them for school, they wanted one for home too. 🙂


I am considering whether I should set up a little etsy shop to sell bespoke things like these as I really love spending a morning sewing and creating things with a specific person in mind. It would also be lovely to have a bit of spending money, I must say. Maybe after Christmas….let’s see. I have plenty to keep me going til then!!

I am back to knitting  this sweater for my youngest. Nearly finished with the owls, just the heads to go. I have enjoyed using the cable method. I thought it would be too difficult, but it was fine. My daughter is going to choose some little wooden buttons with me later this afternoon.


I have also volunteered to cut out six long table runners and hem them for the dining hall tables at our Christmas Fayre on 3rd December. It’s a very slippery material, but I am sure it will look lovely.


This is one of the parental school contributions I mentioned here. All parents will be baking cakes and working on a stall, selling tickets or doing something useful on the day, the day before and the day after! My husband is doing all the cooking so he will be busy!

My eldest will be selling her wares at the Fayre’s Children’s Market. They will give a percentage of what they make to the school as payment for their stall. So far she has made around 20 beanbags and nine doll skirts. Here are a few. They are very sweet. I imagine they will sell well.


She has also made a start on some origami boxes. We found some good instructions here. We asked around for some sheet music and my youngest daughter’s violin teacher gave us a few sheets. We have photocopied these double sided and this is what my daughter is using to make her boxes.


I think she is planning to make lids too and perhaps some boxes using maps too. She is also going to make little paper angels from an easy pattern we found in this months Landlove magazine.

We bought her and her sister a little elf hairband for them to wear on the stall. They kept them on all day and were really helpful little elves;  polishing things, sweeping outside and they also arranged ALL their soft toys on their bed because they were busy getting them ready for Christmas presents!!


It was delightful and this continued into the afternoon when they sat down to make things for the Fayre.  They loved the feeling of being little elves in Father Christmas’s workshop! So sweet.


In a few moments I am going to our school to help the Handwork teacher out. My youngest daughter’s first grade class are learning to knit and there are too many children at the same stage for her to teach them all, so she has enlisted my help. I knit the German way,  as my German grandmother was my teacher, but my eldest has shown me the English way and I think it will be fine. It seems a bit more fiddly though! 🙂 There is a little rhyme that they use at school, that I have memorised, so I am sure that will help:

In through the front door,

Running Round the Back,

Peeping through the window,

And off jumps Jack.


That’s all the news on Crafting this week. I hope you too are Keeping Calm and Crafting On.





8 thoughts on “Making and a little Elving

  1. We’ve just had our advent fayre and it sounds very similar – I loved the feeling of all the families pulling together to make it happen – I was on decorating, cookie making and sewing up gnomes for the gnome gardens and it was wonderful. I love that your girls have got into the spirit of making for Christmas, it’s such lovely way to slow down the season and really enjoy it rather than batting madly around the shops.


    • Hi Carrie, Yes, Steiner school fayres are the best. They are so special and there is so much homemade goodness everywhere, especially delicious cakes! Glad you enjoyed being part of it. It’s a time to be proud of your school. I bet your gnomes were fabulous!


  2. The children’s market made by children for children really appeals to me. I wish they had something like that here. My mother knits the continental way but I learnt the english way. I think your way and my mothers is the same and it is much quicker to knit.


    • Yes it flows so much easier I think. I was teaching the children the other way today again and I am getting used to it, but I won’t be changing any time soon!! Yes it’s such a lovely idea and children are so encouraging of each others efforts


    • Thanks so much Brandy! Yes continental knitting is so much faster I feel, I don’t know why we’re not all doing it 😉 It was fun with the children and the rhyme really keeps them on track where they are in the process. Very sweet.


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