A Waldorf doll skirt tutorial


As promised  here is a tutorial on the tiered doll skirt I made for both my daughters’ dolls this year. They are designed with a 45cm tall Waldorf doll in mind. You can use whatever materials you have in your stash as the quantities are so small. I like to make matching skirts for my daughters and their dolls.

You will need: 

  • two pieces of fabric 19cm x 11cm for the top tier
  • two pieces of fabric 24cm x 9cm fabric for the middle tier
  • two pieces of fabric 29cm x 11cm fabric for the lower tier
  • matching thread
  • enough 1cm wide elastic to go round the dolls tummy

For a longer skirt, use a 1cm seam allowance, or for a skirt just below the knee use a 1.5cm seam allowance. 

I always pin and sew, but if you are inexperienced, I would recommend tacking everything first.


1.Cut the fabric out to the above dimensions.


2.  Pin the fabrics right sides together as shown above and sew the side seams with a 1cm seam allowance.


3.  Zig zag all the edges to stop fraying.


4. Iron seams to the side so they lay flat against the material.


5. Fold the hem on the bottom tier up by 1cm. Press. Then fold by another 1cm. Press again.


6. Tack or pin hem and edgestitch close to the top of the fold.



7. On the top tier, turn the top under by 1cm. Press.


8. Then turn it under by 2.5cm to create the waist band casing. Press. Pin in place.


9. Edgestitch along the folded edge, leaving a 2cm wide gap to insert the elastic.


10. Make the gathers at the top of the second tier and at the top of the bottom tier as follows:

Set your sewing machine on the widest possible stitch length and sew 1cm or 1.5cm (dep on your seam allowance) in all around the top, starting near a seam and ending  approx 2cm from the starting point. Leave long ends. Do not reverse stitch.


Use something small like an unpicker to bring both the long threads through from the front to the back.

Place the top tier (upside down) inside the middle tier with right sides together.


Pin the two seams together to hold in place.


Pull one of the threads on each side to create little gathers to fit the top tier.


When you are satisfied with the gathers and that the two tiers fit together perfectly, knot the four long threads together and tie in a knot to secure. Cut short.


11. Pin the whole way round and tack before machine sewing using the same seam allowance. ( 1cm or 1.5cm).


12. Do exactly the same with the middle and bottom tier.

I do recommend tacking to hold the tiers in place before sewing. 

13. Zig zag to finish the seams nicely and press the seams downwards as shown:


14. Measure your doll’s tummy and cut the elastic accordingly.

15. Attach a safety pin to the elastic and feed it into the waist band casing on the top tier.


16. Once the elastic has come out at the other end, secure the two ends together by pinning and tacking.


17. Either hand sew or machine sew the elastic securely, one piece on top of the other as shown.

18. Close the gap in the waistband casing with handsewing or neat machine sewing.

And that’s it!

I added a little trim to my skirts, just sewn onto the bottom of each tier to make them feel a little more special.

And here is ‘Kirsty’ – the doll I made for my youngest some years ago – modelling her skirt 🙂


I do hope these instructions are clear enough. It is tricky to explain every step with the aid of photographs,  as some steps I didn’t manage to capture well – especially the gathering bit. I hope the tutorial will be useful and do let me know if you have any questions. I am happy to help.

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