We are making…

My eldest daughter has decided to sell some of her wares at our school Christmas bazaar, so the making has begun. Her sister and I are her assistants. This week she is making very simple bean bags. We made some at the weekend and some after school. The photos are rather dark because we made them before dinner time and it’s getting dark so early these days 😦 These are the lovely fabrics she is using:


We actually bought the fabrics so my daughters could make a doll’s quilt each – my youngest in particular fantasises about sitting by the wood burner sewing her quilt in the winter days ahead – just like Laura and Mary 🙂 We realised there would be plenty of fabric left over so my eldest asked if she could make the beanbags with it.

I am cutting the fabric, her sister is pinning, she is sewing and turning them inside out, I am pressing them and poking the corners and she and her sister are filling the bean bags. It is a veritable production line 🙂





So far we have cut out and sewed 18 bean bags and will make a few more in boy friendly fabrics. We filled about 10 of them before we ran out of rice and beans.


Next week she plans to make simple doll skirts. It is lovely to see her being so industrious and confident in her abilities. She will be selling her wares on her own. I feel really proud of her –  this sweet talented 10 year old was so super shy for so many years, it makes me happy to see how she will push herself to do the things she really wants to do. I think Steiner (Waldorf) education has really helped her with this, being in a safe space with a positive outlook about abilities, not to mention the emphasis on creativity. It really has brought out some good qualities in her.

I haven’t done much to report on myself. I have finished the second sleeve of  the owlet sweater I am knitting for my youngest and am just about to start the yoke. My daughter is keen for it to be finished as her sister is wearing her warm sweater and she wants to be cosy for the winter too.

I am planning to start knitting  these fingerless gloves using the lovely pink rowan alpaca yarn I have left over from the shawl I made myself this summer. I might take the instructions away with me this weekend.  I am going to go away for a whole night and a day this weekend ON MY OWN!!! The first time in 10 years. I have been away to visit friends for a night once in a while, but what I have been craving most of all is guilt free time alone  – waking alone, sleeping undisturbed and just pottering around doing whatever takes my fancy. I have always needed this alone time, but family life does not lend itself to being alone very much and certainly not for long swathes of time, so my husband has facilitated this treat for me and I am so grateful for it. I have been struggling a bit lately  and I hope it will help. I expect I will knit, write letters, listen to my favourite music, eat, walk in the woods and do all the things I enjoy doing alone. I am going to leave all technology behind.

So looking forward to that..

I hope you are enjoying your own crafts. Joining Nicole for Keep Calm Crafting On


2 thoughts on “We are making…

  1. Oh, I bet it is so wonderful to see your child being so capable! I wish her the best at the bazaar. Enjoy your time away. I understand how you feel. It’s been more than eight years since I had a night to myself. I hope you find it healing and refreshing.


    • Thanks so much Brandy! I really appreciate your encouraging comments. I hope you too can find some quiet time to yourself. Like you say, it brings you back refreshed and ready for what family life has to offer.


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