Birthday makings

Half term break was lovely; we went away for a weekend to the New Forest and came back rejuvenated and have spent the rest of the time catching up with friends. We were also busy preparing for my eldest daughter’s birthday, which she celebrated on Monday.

My daughters are back to school today and I have the house to myself for six whole hours which I really welcome after a busy twelve days together. Our bedroom particularly needs attention as it has once again become the dumping ground for all kinds of things! 😦 Oh how I wish we had a bit more storage somehow…I just bought an underbed storage drawer, but I am not sure how feng shui that is;  having all our paperwork and unfinished business under the bed!!?! Hmmn….

I thought I would quickly share our birthday makings today and I will share a proper birthday post when I next get a chance.

I finished the sweater just in time – I was still weaving in the ends the night before!! It needs a good bit of blocking and I have it on an adult hanger for this photo, but that’s the best I could do at the time and I don’t know if I’ll ever get it back to block it now!


My daughter is really pleased with it. I made a mistake in the blue band so the flower pattern haven’t come out right, but luckily it is in a colour that doesn’t show up too much. I did ask my daughter if she would like me to rip out those rows, but she said she preferred to have it finished on time – phew! I really like the colours she has chosen. I must admit I was sceptical at first that they would work together in that order, but I should have known better: my daughter has an excellent feel for colour and design 🙂

I also finished the tiered skirt I mentioned here:


and the matching skirt for the Waldorf doll I made her some years ago. Meet  Rachel!


As you can see they went down well 🙂 although the bag makes it all look a bit slouchy…

I plan to share a tutorial on how to make the doll’s skirt next week as I took lots of photos during the process.

My daughters have been doing a bit of their own making. We needed to make our big family room more festive, so the girls spent an industrious couple of hours making two very long autumn-coloured paper chains. My youngest put the papers in colour order,


and my eldest made the chains. She used a stapler for speed as they only had  a short time in which to make them in. You can see the focus in these photos 🙂

We think they look very effective. We wanted to create a cohesive feel to the two parts of the room and create a party atmosphere. Here is a photo from the night before my daughter’s birthday.


We did a lot of the birthday and party preparations the day before as we didn’t want them to overshadow my daughter’s actual birthday.

Every year we have a leaf mobile over the birthday table and we dip the leaves in beeswax to create a lovely lustre. It also smells so gorgeous when you are doing it, which is an added bonus 🙂 My daughters love to help dip the leaves in beeswax and it only takes half an hour to knock up a nice batch of leaves.


They last forever after that, although we always do the beeswaxing anew each year as it has been part of our autumn traditions for many years.




Apart from these crafts, there was of course pumpkin carving



and making food for the party. My husband made the sausage ‘mummies’ and the potato ‘ghosts’ with a little help. They were very much enjoyed.


They are made from large potato slices, cut in half . An apple corer was used to gouge out the eyes and give them their shape at the bottom. The children loved them!

We really enjoyed our Sunday, preparing for the party. It was well worth the effort to get as many preparations done as possible in advance, so we could feel more relaxed and unhurried on the actual birthday.

Hope you are enjoying some seasonal crafting fun. Joining Nicole at Keep Calm Crafting On and Teresa at The Really Crafty Link Party


8 thoughts on “Birthday makings

  1. Honestly I don’t where to start to say how much I enjoyed all these makings. Your daughter surely has an eye for colour with the fair isle combination. I could not see a mistake either, so it’s good it was decided to just continue on. You have a very beautiful home and happy birthday to Miss Eight.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you have been busy, so many projects completed. The sweater and the skirt are my favorite, I think they turned out amazing. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned!


  3. Great sweater and skirts! I have to make matching doll clothes, too. I wouldn’t have noticed any mistake in the sweater. 🙂 Your birthday decorations are so nice! My oldest had a birthday last Thursday. We might try your leaf mobile idea for next year.


    • Thanks so much Brandy for all that lovely positive feedback! Much appreciated. The leaf mobile is so easy to make and so beautiful especially when the sun shines in. Matching dolls clothes are the best 🙂


  4. Oh what a beautiful jumper – I’m so glad you got it finished in time, and I love that she wore both jumper and skirt straight away – that joy will never get old 🙂


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