What I am making….

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been feeling very low in energy lately, so I have only been doing the things that really need doing and trying to accept that things are slower for me right now.  I have been eating a lot of chocolate to keep me going ( false energy…) and drinking more tea and coffee than I usually do.

We have just come back from a weekend away, spending lots of time outdoors and as a family, which has been really relaxing – just the tonic we all needed! Thank goodness we allowed ourselves this time away as I now feel ready for the busy half term holidays (seeing friends every day…) and getting ready for my eldest daughter’s birthday and party next Monday.

I thought I would share what I have been up to on the making front.

I  finished off the two pairs of curtains I made for our lounge and bedroom and already things are feeling a bit cosier at home. The nights are drawing in fast and it is lovely to be able to draw the curtains on the encroaching darkness.



dsc05363Apart from that I am still working on my eldest daughter’s sweater. I am onto the yoke finally and onto the colour work. Wish me luck! It’s the first time I have tried this technique!


My daughter’s birthday is next Monday. The jury is still out on whether I will get it knitted and finished in time. I am also sewing my daughter a tiered skirt from this pattern that I have used several times before.



I only have the elastic to add now and to make a matching little skirt for her Waldorf doll 🙂

I always ask my daughters to choose their own fabric and pattern when I make them something to ensure it is something that they really want. It is always a one-off and I know they like that! They are too old and opinionated now about what they wear to just take a chance!

I hope you are enjoying some quiet crafting too!

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8 thoughts on “What I am making….

    • Ah thanks Laura! Simple pencil pleats like these are really easy to make, you just need lots of space for cutting them out and a big table to sew on and they are no bother. It is lovely to be able to choose your own fabric as the ready made curtain fabrics can be pretty uninspiring. I would definitely go for it. There are lots of free tutorials online too 🙂


    • Ah thanks Colletta! Hope you can get back to sewing sometime soon. I have big sewing sessions for days and then nothing for ages. Sewing is so satisfying with speedier results than knitting, but saying that it is so nice to just sit down in a cosy room and knit, especially at this time of year. I will come over to have a look. Thanks!


  1. The curtains are so pretty and match the rooms well. I look forward to seeing tiered skirt in all those lovely shades of blue and white. I have not sewn in ages but once it’s out I can get a bit done but knitting is something I can always have with me because it doens’t take up space in our tiny home.


    • Ah thanks Zena. I am really pleased with them. Now to make some more cushions to match 🙂 I totally get what you say about sewing. We have a studio space outside – a wooden outbuilding, but often my husband is in there with his design board so I have to spread out in the house.It is a pain to have to tidy it all away at meal times. Sometimes I just get my children to eat in the lounge! I agree: Knitting is so much easier to tidy away!


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