Work in progress

I have made good progress on the sweater I am making for my eldest daughter, although I am still unsure if I will get it made in time for her birthday, but I plough on.


I am enjoying reading The Summer Book by Tove Jansson. I found it in the library last week and although it is no longer summer, the title appealed to me. It is the story of an artist grandmother and her granddaughter Sophia spending a summer together on a remote Finnish island. It is written by the author of the Moomins and the story is based on the author’s own mother and her relationship with her granddaughter. It is really well written and quite quirky. I am really enjoying reading it. I haven’t escaped into a book for a long while.

As the nights are drawing in, I feel the need for some curtains. I bought the material earlier this year but didn’t manage to get started until now.


Last Wednesday, I started cutting the material up ( Wednesday is my only long day at home – when the children are both in school until 3.20pm) and tomorrow I am planning to get at least one pair made – for our bedroom- and hopefully to get started on sewing the lounge curtains too, depending on the time. I still have to cut some more lining fabric, so we shall see. I love these long days at home, sewing – it’s so great to have a whole five hours or so all to myself.  I feel like I really get things done, which is a good feeling when days can often feel so ‘bitty’ and you don’t have the feeling you have anything to show for your time and efforts ( I am sure all you mamas out there know what I mean…). That’s why making things it so important to me. I have something concrete (and useful and beautiful!) to show for my time.

For a long time, our bedroom has served as a store room and as a place to throw things into when we need to tidy up quickly before friends visit 😦 (do you have a place like that? I think many of us do! It used to be the understairs cupboard in our old house…).  The room has been unloved and unfinished for over two years now. My husband is currently sleeping in my eldest daughter’s room and I am in with my daughters. It is quite unsatisfactory and we are now addressing this. Originally we both slept with our youngest daughter as she needs the company at night or she wakes frequently: she is quite the touchy feely kind and needs to feel someone there. When my eldest became nine, she started having nightmares and couldn’t be in her room on her own, so we decided it best that she slept in with her sister and I. That has been going on for almost a year now (she is almost ten). I think we need to take this opportunity to move into our own bedroom as soon as possible before our eldest decides she wants to sleep alone again!


We painted it a warm light yellow last year and bought a wardrobe and there are wooden blinds in there, but it doesn’t feel cosy enough, so I am going to make some curtains using this material:


It is called Heidi which is my eldest daughter’s name, so I knew it had to come home with me 🙂


The blue material with the birds on it is for our lounge and the large quantity of floral material is for our dining room/family area, where we have two wide bifold doors. I feel the need to get cosy for the winter, to draw the curtains on the darkness and create light and beauty inside.


Making curtains requires lots of space, so I am working downstairs on the large expanse of floor in our family area.

I am using this tutorial which seems to be really clear. I have made two pairs of curtains in the past; one simple unlined pair for our playroom and one pair for my eldest daughter’s very wide bedroom windows, which I lined with black-out fabric.



I am looking forward to working with these beautiful fabrics! But right now, I’d better get back to my knitting and a relaxing episode of Call the Midwife 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the craft of your choice. Keeping Calm and Crafting On  with Nicole at Frontier Dreams.


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