Dragon Catcher


My youngest daughter’s first grade class recently made some paper ‘Dragon Catchers’ which I mentioned in my Michaelmas post. You play with them like a cup and ball, but in this case you need to catch the dragon ( the tissue paper streamers) in the paper cup. I have scoured pinterest for them, but they aren’t anywhere obvious, so I thought I would share how the class made them here in case anyone fancies making one for next Michaelmas or just for their children to play ‘Catch the Dragon’ with 🙂


  • Firstly cut a square of about 22cm. Colour the square with crayons  on both sides in fiery colours ( Stockmar block crayons blend particularly well).
  • Find the centre and make a hole. Thread a 50 cm  length of yarn through it.


  • Fold the paper in half to make two triangles.
  • Then fold one flap down a little as seen above. ( Leave the other part up as this is the part that helps catch the dragon )  


  • Now fold one side across to meet the other side at the level of the flap you just folded down.dsc05166
  • Fold the other side across on top. (My eldest daughter taped this part down to stop it flapping up).


  • Tie a bead to the bottom of your yarn


  • Thread a bead onto the top of your yarn (there shouldn’t be too much movement, so choose the appropriate sized beed for your yarn).
  • Cut strips of tissue paper in fiery colours to  40cm lengths and fold in half.
  • Hold the strips together and tie them together right in the middle using the yarn as seen above.

And that’s it!

My eldest daughter made one for herself the same day so she could join in the fun. She had to improvise with the tissue paper that we had a home (!) and preferred other colours for the cup. These have been a hit around here. So simple, yet so effective.

Hope the instructions were clear enough. It’s a bit tricky to explain so my daughters modelled how to make them for me 🙂

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