Horses and knitting

I am making slow progress on the sweater I am making for my eldest daughter.  I was hoping to make it for her birthday by the end of October but I don’t seem to find the time somehow. Now all the crayon rolls are made, I am enjoying a bit of cosy knitting instead. The other day we took a long car journey and I played a bit of catch up and today I went to watch my youngest daughter having a horse riding lesson and managed to fit in a few more rows in between reading this horse and pony encyclopaedia


I am trying to find out as much as possible about horses as we now own a pony! I know it sounds strange, but we didn’t intend to become horse owners and it has come as a bit of a shock surprise that we are actually responsible for our very own horse, but this is how it is and so I am trying to educate myself so I don’t feel quite so out of my depth! She is a beautiful girl and we are all quite smitten but totally inexperienced! 🙂


I will explain more shortly. Tonight I am just going write this short post on my work in progress for KKCO . I am still finishing off a couple of posts I am writing related to Michaelmas  🙂

Hope you too are enjoying some cosy crafting time!



3 thoughts on “Horses and knitting

  1. Oh how exciting! Lucky girl and lucky you, I love piebald ponies! Cosy knitting sounds like the perfect recipe for October, especially if you have the perfect excuse to curl up and enjoy the sunshine at the same time!


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