Crayon rolls….


At the beginning of term, I made my youngest daughter a crayon roll for all the lovely stockmar block and stick crayons she will be using over the next three years in her Waldorf classroom. ( My eldest daughter recently found out that they mainly use pencils now that she is in the fourth grade,  so we have plans to make a pencil roll together as a joint project).

For the first half of the year, the first graders will only be using the three primary colours of the block crayons – red, yellow and blue. They will learn to blend them and many magical effects will be achieved. The children are due to receive their very own set this Friday.

Their teacher has requested that the children bring a crayon roll in by Friday to put their new crayons in. So far only three children in my daughter’s class have a crayon roll. We only found out the other day so many parents are feeling unprepared to start making a crayon roll in a hurry or just don’t have the time.  I have offered to make some for a small fee as I am already in the swing of things. I have a large fabric stash that I am dipping into and the children are choosing the fabrics from there. It is actually great to see some of these fabrics being used again ( a lot are remnants from other projects).


Aprons I made for my daughters for Valentines


The quilt on my eldest daughter’s bed


Some simple cushion slip covers I made some years ago.

So far I have seven requests. I am going to busy sewing in the next couple of days! But that’s my favourite kind of busyness. 🙂


This is my first effort, modelled by some well loved crayons :-). The colour is much brighter but I took the photo this evening. It’s been a long day!



I took lots of photos whilst making it so will also be sharing a tutorial quite soon.

I am hoping to use the funds to buy myself some nice fabric/yarn supplies – an nice indulgent treat!

Joining Nicole at Frontier Dreams KKCO and Teresa at The Really Crafty Link Party

3 thoughts on “Crayon rolls….

  1. That’s a lovely offer to make some crayon rolls for those who can’t. What a great way to rehash fabric from loved projects. I’d love a crayon roll tutorial. Very generous of you.


  2. Wow, you’ll be really busy, but there will be lots of happy children with their new crayon rolls really soon. I love the fabrics you used. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!


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