First day at school preparations

Tomorrow my dear youngest daughter starts school for the first time at the ripe old age of seven. We go to a local Steiner ( Waldorf ) school, where children start school around the age of six or seven, depending on their maturity. I am so grateful that both my daughters had plenty of Kindergarten playtime in their early years and they only went to school when they were considered emotionally and physically ready. My youngest stayed on an extra year in Kindergarten (she is May born) as she was emotionally very immature. She is now ready: her teeth have started to fall out and she now seems to be her own person and more outward looking. She still has very mixed feelings about not going back to Kindergarten, but hopefully it will be a good experience for her.

The new teacher has asked parents to make a few things for the beginning of term. These include a crayon roll ( for all the lovely beeswax crayons they will be using), a small red bean bag and a little gnome. I made the gnome and crayon roll




and my  eldest daughter made the beanbag and filled if with rice.



I am going to place them all in her Schultuete for her to discover tomorrow morning.


It is a long standing German custom for children to receive a Schultuete on their first day of school. It is a usually made from a card, wrapped into a conical shape with a crepe paper top that is tied closed, to hide the treasures from view. It can be hand made or bought and is traditionally filled with sweets and toys and a few school supplies.

We don’t have this lovely tradition here in England,  but as I am half German and I love to mark all my children’s milestones with something special, I wanted to carry this custom on at home. I have a large Schultuete stored away (that I purchased when my eldest daughter started school three years ago) and I just bought another smaller one on our trip to Hamburg last week as my eldest requested one  (I did the same for her younger sister when she started school). Instead of filling it with sweet treats, I fill it will useful things for school and the above makings.  I just finished up another larger crayon roll for my eldest daughter in time for tomorrow. She needs a fuss making of her too! I bought her a few new stick crayons as hers were really worn down after years of use!



Both my daughters decided on the fabric and ribbons for their crayon rolls. I always get their input so I make them something they really love.

In Germany the children bring their Schultueten into school, but we will open ours at home before school commences. I hope this will be the incentive we need for the girls to get up at 6.30am tomorrow morning!! ( after getting up at 8am all summer long…)

Other craft news: My eldest finished her baby angel doll



It was a nice summer holiday project for her and she is really delighted with her baby doll!

Hope you are Keeping Calm and Crafting On

3 thoughts on “First day at school preparations

  1. Oh so many beautiful projects! I love the elephants on the crayon roll and they look so nice and neat all lined up. Your gnome is so cute but your daughter’s baby is just the cutest – what talent 🙂


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