Summer books for Children


I thought it would be nice to share the books we currently have in our book basket whilst it is still summer. I intended to write this at the beginning of the summer and it’s a shame it is rather late, but hopefully it will be useful nonetheless, even if just for ideas for next year. I always add a seasonal book or two to our collection each year. If you know of any that you would recommend, I would love to hear from you! I am now thinking ahead to the autumn since September is almost upon us….

I change the books in the book basket five times a year; for the four seasons and Christmas and I put most of them away (with my nature table things) so they are welcomed afresh each year.

Anyway here at last are some lovely book suggestions for you:


I thought I would group them a little:

Books for Midsummer:


The Longest Day – Wendy Pfeffer – lots of information about why we celebrate the Summer Solstice (for  older children 7+)

The Flowers’ Festival – Elsa Beskow – a firm favourite of ours. The flowers come to life on Midsummer’s Eve and a little girl watches as they celebrate. Would recommend getting the bigger size as there is so much detail in the pictures.

Little Fairy Can’t Sleep – Daniela Drescher – beautiful illustrations that really capture the magic of Midsummer’s night and a sweet storyline.

Books for Camping :


Boris Goes Camping – Carrie Weston – a lovely book about young animals taking a camping trip with their teacher and all the mishaps and fun they have. Delightful!

Eddie’s Tent and How to Go Camping – Sarah Garland – we like all the Eddie books for their very down to earth approach to the subject matter. Eddie goes camping with his family, sharing plenty of adventures and making friends. There is lots of information in there too for children about how to set up camp.

Topsy and Tim Go Camping – Jean and Gareth Adamson – fun and adventures on the campsite with twins Topsy and Tim

Camping Out – Heather Amery – Poppy and Sam camp out on their farm. Sweet and pocket sized.

Books about gardening and nature


A Year in Our Garden – Gerda Muller – this is a new one for us this year. Lovely pictures that capture a family’s garden throughout the seasons and lots of ideas about what to do in the garden all year round. Told through the eyes of the children. Love it!

How Does My Garden Grow – Gerda Muller – another Gerda Muller classic. A girl visits her grandparents and enjoys helping in the garden. We learn a lot about what happens throughout the year in the vegetable garden. Would recommend if you have a veg garden. Very accessible.

Eddie’s Garden – Sarah Garland – Another Eddie book. Once again very down to earth. Eddie is allowed to have a patch of ground to make his own garden and we learn a lot through Eddie how enjoyable and productive vegetable gardening is. Plenty of child-friendly information in there too.

Yucky Worms – Vivian French – all about worms and their uses in the garden. Useful guide. I learnt something too!

Nature guides for summer: 


Little Guide to Wild Flowers  – Charlotte Voake – lovely illustrations of many of the wild flowers. We were pleased to add this to our collection this year.

Flight of the Honey Bee – Raymond Huber – very informative book about bees, told through the eyes of one worker bee, Scout ( for school aged children).

Planting a Rainbow– Lois Ehlers – board book for young children arranged in colour.

Flower Fairies of the Summer – Cicely Mary Barker -we love all the flower fairy books

 Summer books for Kindergarten age children and parents:


Summer – Jennifer Aulie and Margaret Meyerkort – lots of poems,songs and stories for summer (many are used in Waldorf Kindergartens).

Summertime in the Big Woods– Laura Ingalls Wilder – a simple book for young children about all the fun there is to be had in the Big Woods. We love these. A good beginners reading book.

Summer board book – Gerda Muller – no words, but plenty of beautiful illustrations for you to make up your own stories. Very summery.

Other beautiful books with summery pictures


Where Do They Go When it Rains?  – Gerda Muller – another Gerda Muller story. This is the first one we bought and a firm favourite for many years. Twins Marion and Luke visit their grandmother in the countryside. Lovely pictures and informative too.

Emily and Daisy  – Elsa Beskow – A sweet story about a little girl who has to look after the family cow. Lovely pictures and storyline.

Rosalind and the Little Deer – Elsa Beskow – Beautiful pictures and a sweet story about a young girl and her friendship with a deer. Another Elsa Beskow classic.

What’s Hiding in There? – Daniela Drescher – a lift the flap book. Absolutely gorgeous watercolour pictures. For young children


We love books here and I love sharing these picture books with my children. I like to choose simple, beautifully illustrated, life affirming books, that connect us with nature and the seasons and with a generous sprinkling of magic   🙂 .

As for me, I am just finishing revisiting my favourite book Mitten Strings for God. I read it every summer when I have more time.  It is so soul nourishing and a gentle reminder for me to be fully present and to really savour these special times with my children ( time is so fleeting).

I hope you too are enjoying sharing books with your children and reading for pleasure over the summer holidays. 



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