I was given a lovely day off by my husband on Saturday to spend all by myself. I really think I needed it. By the end of last week I was feeling quite frazzled, uncreative and certainly far from patient and compassionate 😦 My daughters weren’t getting on too well as the eldest was feeling out of sorts (possibly reflecting how I was feeling…)  I knew it was time for a break, a regroup and I must say it really helped. Now things are going much smoother, I feel I have the time and patience to attend to things when they happen and am enjoying being with the children again. Phew!

I am an introvert by nature and when I spend too much time in company it really affects me. I feel like my energy levels drop and with that so does my enthusiasm. I have been really enjoying spending time with my daughters this school holiday, but I have also been craving some solitude, some time to reflect, to think clearly, to reenergise. And Saturday was just such a day.

I had healthy vegetarian lunch in a local Buddhist Centre which also has a wonderful garden and spent some time writing my thoughts and meditating in the meditation room there. And once I was in a calm space, I spent a good couple of hours in local craft shops poring over the yarn and fabrics and then purchasing a lovely bagful of crafty goodness. It was so lovely to feel unhurried and to do the things that fill me up.   🙂

I have been itching to start some new projects, but couldn’t get to town before, so I think I was feeling a little frustrated by that too. I always feel calmer when I have a few projects on the go and I can choose the project to suit the mood of the moment.

At this time of year, I usually make a cardigan or jumper for my daughters for the autumn/winter months. We spent a fair amount of time looking on ravelry on Friday, considering what they would like me to make for them:

My youngest daughter is keen for me to knit her this gorgeous jumper in dark purple. I think it will really suit her. I couldn’t find a pure wool in the colour she wanted in the shops I visited, but this yarn is so soft and she loves it. I haven’t used a cable needle in 16 years and only used it once then for a baby top for a friend ( with some help from a woman I worked with)  but I am up for the challenge 🙂


My eldest daughter took a while to deliberate on what she would like knitted for her. She has very particular tastes, so I make sure she decides as I don’t want to knit in vain! ( especially as she is a big girl now – nearly ten! ). She chose this pattern. She couldn’t decide on the colour, so I went to our local yarn shop to see what I could find. I decided on the blue colour below as it has other bits of colour in it  (that she may want me to use in the yoke ) and it is muted enough, but not too dark or dull. It only comes in a massive 500g ball! but the main thing is that she is amazingly really happy with it. It isn’t pure wool because she finds that too itchy. We will still have to decide on the other colours for the yoke, but it is a good start.  I have never done a fair isle pattern, intarsia or anything with this sort of colour changing, but I am once again looking forward to learning new skills and there is a lot of lovely mindless knitting in it too 🙂


Unfortunately I don’t have the circular needles for either of these projects, so I have had to order them. Hopefully they will come in time for my trip to Germany on Friday so I have something to do whilst away ( I am going with my mother and my daughters to Hamburg for a few days – an annual trip to see friends and relatives). Fingers crossed!

I also bought some cream needle cord fabric to back my crotchet cushions. It is just being washed to preshrink it. The second cushion front is almost there. I bought some more yarn to finish it off.  Just another row or two of the cream border to do and I will be satisfied.


I also secretly knitted up a quick pocket gnome for my youngest daughter with the same yarn. I will have to sew it up in secret one night soon. I used this book for inspiration and just halved the quantities to make the gnome smaller and used double knit yarn and 4mm needles.


Apart from the little gnome, I also need to make a crayon roll and a bean bag before my youngest starts her first year of school in September. My eldest is getting quite proficient on the sewing machine, so she is going to make the beanbag as a gift.


As you can see I enjoyed a bit of fabric retail therapy 🙂 I am planning to make some patchwork bits and pieces. The girls have chosen the fabrics below for their crayon rolls this term. I am making my eldest a roll too as hers is a bit worse for wear and she needs a bit of a fuss making over her too at the beginning of term.


On our making day on Thursday, both girls were busy with their projects.

My eldest is sewing a baby ‘angel’ doll with a bit of help from me as it is a tricky project. I made one for her sister for her first birthday and H has always wanted one, so now at last she can make one herself!




My youngest daughter has decided to make little finger puppets from this book




She says she would like to make a whole handful! I think we might keep making these in September in the afternoons ( in the couple of hours between when she finishes school and when we go back to pick up her sister). A new rhythm will begin then.

I am so glad and grateful I had the time to regroup on Saturday. I feel so much more refreshed and motivated. Hurrah!

Joining the crafty folk at Frontier Dreams KKCO.

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