What to do with all those eggs…

Monday is baking day in our weekly summertime rhythm. Our chickens Lily, Ruby and Delilah generously present us with two to three eggs every day.


Sometimes we find it rather a lot to keep up with – my daughters aren’t so keen on eggs now they know where they come from!! 😦 so we often gift eggs to friends, teachers and neighbours and of course we enjoy them ourselves. It is nice to share the bounty.

Today the eggs were overflowing out of our bowl ( we need a basket methinks…)  so we thought it was a good time to do an egg-themed bake. We chose to make these coconut macaroons as you need six egg whites for them! We also made jam tarts from this book with some of the egg yellow and I used the rest to make tofu fingers.

The girls pretty much made them themselves with some direction from me. My eldest daughter took charge of the macaroons. It was a bit of a messy business, but they did really well and the macaroons are really soft and chewy and very moreish!




My youngest was in charge of rubbing the butter and flour for the jam tart bases ( her older sister is highly sensitive and the feel of flour on her hands is deeply unpleasant for her ). C really loves getting her hands dirty so she had a great time!


H helped her sister with the jam and cutting out the tart bases. Didn’t they do well!



Both recipes are sugar free, using honey instead. Needless to say my daughters were delighted with these two sweet treats today!

A big thank you to our lovely ladies ( seen here scratching about in the gravel outside their coup, looking for tasty morsels no doubt!) We love their quirky selves 🙂


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