We’re all going on a summer holiday…

We broke up from school last week and it finally feels like summer! I have set up our summer holiday nature table and we are off to France on holiday tomorrow. Hurrah!


First we are camping for three nights in Normandy with my husband’s family and then we go onto a little cottage for a week for a proper family break, so a nice ten whole days away. Yay! We are really looking forward to some quality time together as a family and the slower pace of a holiday, not to mention the tasty French cheeses!

So you are probably wondering why I am sharing this in a craft post! I was in the middle of making a couple of standing puppets for our Waldorf Kindergarten teacher (as a thank you present for all her love and care for both my children over the years – I will share them when they are made), but the packing had to take precedent…

So as the motto is Keep Calm Crafting On and we are always crafting something or other, I thought perhaps I could share my holiday craft supplies with you in the hope that it might be useful somehow 🙂

I always make sure we have plenty of open ended crafts materials and books with us for rainy days or to keep the children quiet in the early morning. Typically I will bring:

  • Pens, pencils and stockmar crayons
  • A selection of plain coloured paper and seasonal colouring-in pictures from here
  • Scissors, cellotape, glue, stapler, sharpener and hole punch
  • Cameras ( for recording memories) and binoculars ( for looking at the wildlife)
  • Card games, memory, cats cradle  and board games.


I also bring:

  • A selection of coloured wool and knitting needles
  • Cardboard templates for pom poms and bamboo skewers
  • Cross stitch cards or weaving materials


And of course a selection of books. I have brought several children’s books about camping that we read every year and we are currently a few chapters into The Secret Garden so will be reading that every day. I also like to take a few small books with me that fit in my handbag when out and about. These are German.


And as for me, I have plans to do quite a bit of knitting on this shawl and to get the last four squares crocheted for the cushion I am working on. I am bringing my iPod with my favourite meditation CD on it and my beautiful rose quartz angel and a pretty notebook for writing my morning pages in ( a habit that benefits me greatly, but which I have neglected for a couple of months and would like to get back on track with) and I will also hopefully catching up on writing about my daughters’ progress. ( I try to write something every few months; I hope they will enjoy reading about their development one day and it is certainly interesting for me to re-read from time to time – to see how far they have come and also how their personality and preferences were already there right at the beginning).


I am also planning to read a couple of chapters of Homemaking as a Social Art to try to keep up with Stacey at the the golden hours  (who writes so thoroughly and eloquently about her thoughts on each chapter) and I will also start reading Raising Our Children Raising Ourselves again. Both these books should help me get back on track with my homemaking and parenting. As I have written before, both my daughters are going through a challenging age, especially the nine year old and I think it will be good to read these books whilst on a relaxing holiday, so I have the time to absorb the information and hopefully put it into practise on our return.

Of course we will do a few excursions, but my daughters still have tremendous imaginations and can while away many an hour just playing and creating. Long may that last..

Wishing you all a happy and creative holiday!



7 thoughts on “We’re all going on a summer holiday…

  1. Sounds like a wonderful Summer Holiday. I just love your Summer nature table. I was wondering where did you get the cross stitch cards? I’d love to get them for my children. I’ve also been enjoying Stacey’s reflections on The Art of Homemaking. Have a wonderful Summer Holiday!


    • Thanks Zena for your lovely comments! We had a lovely holiday but also nice to be back home after a rest. Do you have a winter break in Australia at this point? The cards were from a shop called Tiger. Do you have it over there? It is everywhere in Europe. Maybe you could find something similar online? Or make something like that with a hole punch and some card? Thanks again!


  2. Your nature table certainly captures the spirit of summer holidays – it makes me want to go out and play in the sunshine near some water. 🙂 I love your thoughtful selection of arts & crafts for your children on holiday! This is wise planning indeed. I love your beautiful rose quartz angel, your notebook, and your shawl. I used to write morning pages, and it is such a good habit. I would just love it if you read along with Homemaking as a Social Art – I enjoyed your last comments so much! Have fun on your holiday!


    • Thanks so much Stacey! Lovely to connect with you. We had a lovely relaxing holiday. I managed to read the chapter on rhythm twice and and the one on relationships and have been taking notes as there is so much to take in! Where are you in the book now? I am still thinking about rhythm all the time!


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