Made, making and mending

As mentioned in my previous post, I have made yet another little cushion! This one is for my youngest daughter C. I made it from material and ribbons that I already had as C was insistent that I start it right away. It’s really bright and cheery – much like the little girl for whom it was made! And once again those cute rabbits made an appearance on the back 🙂


Apart from the cushion, I have been doing a bit of mending, including sewing the beard back on a gnome my daughter H knitted in Class 2 of our Steiner ( Waldorf) school last year. Isn’t he gorgeous!


I have made some headway on my crotchet cushion. Eleven squares down, five more to go. I am really enjoying it now, although I still prefer to knit as I can do it on long car journeys (I get car sick when I crotchet as it involves me looking down ) and whilst watching a film ( as I have to look down at my work the whole time, I cant get really engrossed in a film ). I imagine a more experienced crocheter would be able to do it without always looking? Or maybe not? Let me know.


And finally, when I am not sewing or crocheting, I have signed up to test knit a shawl. I have had this gorgeous alpaca yarn for over a year and really wanted to finally make a shawl with it. Luckily when I searched ravelry for something suitable this came up.


It is a pleasure to knit and the colour is coming up beautifully. The deadline is mid- August; just in time to cosy up in it around the campfire this summer 🙂

Joining the crafty folk at Frontier Dreams for the KKCO





6 thoughts on “Made, making and mending

  1. I’ve mentioned this before but I adore those personal hand made pillow cases so much. What a clever button; the gnome is so cute and a lot went in to him. I have just started teaching my son knitting as this is not taught at his school; he’s only starting off with a scarf. I checked out the pattern to your shawl and I really like it. I would love to give this one a go when it’s available.


  2. Thanks Zena! Yes we are lucky that knitting is taught from Class 1 ( approx seven years). My daughter is a prolific knitter and maker 🙂 Well done teaching your son to knit. All the boys knit at our school and its very satisfying to make something. A scarf will be good as its your winter at the moment. 🙂


  3. Oh that’s a gorgeous matching cushion! And I love your daughter’s gnome. My Kitty starts transition in September and I’m so looking forward to when she learns to knit – my stash will never be safe again! As for crochet I can’t do it without looking either, and I can’t hold my tension in the car so it’s knitting for the car and for films and crochet for audiobooks!


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